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Church of Christ

Hear the stories of Christians from a Church of Christ background whose journeys led them to become Catholic.

“As my friends would ask me, ‘George, what did you find in the Catholic Church?’ my answer is always the same: sheer beauty! It’s beautiful. Her saints. Her faith. Her liturgy… Her devotions. Everything about her is beautiful.’

– Deacon George Butterfield

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Joey Duke 56:11

As a full-time minister in the Churches of Christ, Joey began to seek out what other Christians believed. This led him into the Catholic Church.

Jeff Childers 55:18

Jeff’s journey to the Catholic Church began when he read a book entitled “Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up” and discovered the early Church Fathers.

Chris Hiles 56:10

As a pastor, Chris started to notice that the hierarchy in his denomination didn’t look like what St. Paul was describing in the New Testament.


More Inspiration for the Journey

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Recommended Books & Other Resources

Christ in His Fullness

by Bruce Sullivan

Christ in His Fullness details the journey of Bruce Sullivan, who was a Church of Christ minister for seven years before entering the Catholic Church.

Journeys Home

edited by Marcus Grodi

Journeys Home contains the stories of men and women who, having surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, heard a call to follow Him more completely. Many of them were pastors or missionaries. Others were lay men and women who, though working in secular jobs, took their calling to serve Christ in the world very seriously. In each case, their desire to follow Christ faithfully, and to remain faithful to the truth He taught and the Church He established through His apostles, led them to embrace the Catholic Church.

Journeys Home 2

edited by Marcus Grodi

Journeys Home 2 gathers together more conversion stories of men and women, clergy and laity, who found themselves drawn to the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church.