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Members of the Church — Romans 15 & 16

May 6, 2015

Women clergy? Responsibility to other Christians? Greet each other with a holy kiss? ... more

Fr. John Holleman: Former Episcopal Priest Troubled by Controversies in the Anglican Communion

August 20, 2007

Father John was baptized in his mother’s Methodist church when he was a young boy. After a period of skepticism and searching, he became an Episcopalian and was eventually ordained an Episcopal priest. The modernist controversies in the Anglican Communion led his to see the need to return to the source of true apostolic authority in the Catholic Church. He was ordained a Catholic priest in the early 1980’s. ... more

Peter Holmes: Former Lutheran Minister

September 5, 2005

Peter was born and raised in a Brethren family in Australia. As a child he was called to memorize 200 Bible verses in a year. He and his family sought to follow God’s will and to do it. As a teen he began to read Church history and theology seeking a greater depth in his faith. In college, he met some Lutheran who led him to a deeper understanding of Christianity with such doctrines as baptismal regeneration and the Lutheran understanding of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. ... more

Karen Sadock: Former Episcopalian

August 9, 2004

Karen journey began as an unchurched youth in a nominally Protestant family. They defined themselves by “not being Catholic.” She gave her life to Christ after a sleep over at a friend’s house while attending their church the next day. She became attracted to and joined the Anglican Communion, when she saw the Queen take off her crown to receive communion. She came into full-communion with the Catholic Church after attending an Anglican seminary. ... more

Stephanie Wood: Former Presbyterian

December 8, 2003

Stephanie is the oldest of eight children. She was received into the Catholic Church when she was ten, the same time her father, Steve Wood, a former Presbyterian minister, and the rest of her family became Catholic. She was homeschooled and later attended Ave Maria University. Marcus and Stephanie discuss the particular challenges facing a pastor’s child then their parent converts to the Catholic faith. ... more

Dr. William Oddie: Former Anglican Priest

June 16, 2003

Dr. Oddie was educated in a Nonconformist (Congregational) school. In rebellion, he became a self-styled atheist and secular humanist. Something of a mid-life crisis and reading C. S. Lewis brought him to faith in God through Jesus Christ. His newfound faith eventually led him to be ordained in the Church of England. Another crisis, sparked by modernist teaching and women’s ordination led him to full-communion with the Catholic Church. This episode of the Journey Home was recorded in the study of Blessed John Henry Newman at Littlemore, England. ... more

Patricia Bainbridge: Former Assemblies of God

September 30, 2002

Patricia was baptized in the Lutheran Church at age nine, though her father was a lapsed Catholic. As a young woman she “worshiped” the intellect and didn’t have time for God. A student led her to Christ and her husband eventually followed. As young Christians they were involved in several Christian communities, such as Presbyterian, Wesleyan Methodist and Assemblies of God. They had a long journey to full-communion with the Catholic Church, attending daily Mass for six years and not receiving communion, awaiting a declaration of nullity of a ... more

Harry Crocker: Former Anglican

September 16, 2002

Harry was brought up Anglican and was an active communicant all his adult life. The catalyst that pushed him to search and discover the truth and authority of the Catholic Church was the ordination of women in his former denomination. Harry is an author and editor for Regnery Publishing. At the time of this broadcast he had written three books, most notably “Triumph” a history of the Catholic Church, and a novel called “The Old Limey.” ... more
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Linda Poindexter: Former Episcopal Priest

September 17, 2001

Linda grew up in a faithful Disciples of Christ home. She began to date her husband, John Poindexter, while he was in the Naval Academy. After he graduated, they both joined the Episcopal Church. In the military, they moved often and made church they focus of home. In 1980, she began to feel that she was called to ordained ministry, being ordained an Episcopal priest in 1986. She pastored Episcopal congregations for 13 years. Her growing pro-life convictions and the breakdown of moral and doctrinal convictions in the Episcopal Church began a journey ... more

Dean Henderson: Former Anglican Priest

August 27, 2001

Dean was raised outside of any Christian church. He was introduced to Christ, as a teen, through Young Life. Once he accepted the Lord Jesus, he never turned back, eventually attending seminary and being ordained an Anglican priest in Canada. Very soon he discovered that there was a need to defend the essentials of the Christian faith in the Anglican Communion in Canada. As a member of a group of Protestant ministers seeking to preserve historic Christian beliefs, he was introduced to Catholic teaching through the reading of St. John ... more
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Sr. Constance Walton, OSF: A United Methodist Minister Who Became A Catholic Sister

February 12, 2001

Sister Constance grew up in Iowa in the Methodist church. She had a very strong religious education. As a young teen she was bored and stopped attending church. When she was a senior in high school he was asked to help with the kindergarten class. This began her journey back to Christ. She attended seminary and in 1974 was ordained and began to minister in Methodist parishes in South Dakota. While attending courses in clinical pastoral education, she began spiritual direction with a Catholic sister. This began her journey to the ... more
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Rhonda Grayson: Former Independent Charismatic Minister

January 8, 2001

Rhonda was baptized Lutheran as a young girl. From her teens to her late twenties she was not active in any church. She turned to Christ in a Baptist church. Soon after, she became involved in the Charismatic renewal through her brother-in-law who was a pastor of an independent congregation. Rhonda was ordained in this church. Later she became the pastor of her own congregation. While watching TV, she stumbled upon EWTN and over time fell in love with the Catholic faith. ... more