Matthew 12:36 – Will we REALLY be judged for every careless word we utter? – Matthew Leonard

October 11, 2016

On the latest Deep in Scripture podcast, Matthew Leonard from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology joins Marcus Grodi to discuss a verse that can be frightening to many of us.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 12:36 that on the day of judgment, we will be held to account for every careless word that we utter.  What implications does this verse have for the debate between predestination and free will?  Can we ever be forgiven for the things that we’ve said, and regret?  In a day and age where ... more
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Brandon Sheard: Former Non-Denominational Evangelical & Calvinist

November 30, 2015

Brandon grew up in a Christ centered home where he learned the love of Jesus Christ. His father had attended seminary to be a minister, but he chose the of vocation at a husband and father instead. The sermons in his church were focused on exegetical preaching. In college, Brandon majored in English. There he learned that there were problems with only reading Holy Scripture with an exegetical method was an unstable foundation for his faith. He became increasingly aware that he was crafting his own spirituality. This was the ... more
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Sin: Who will deliver me from this mortal body? — Romans 7:7-25

November 22, 2014

Christians still struggle with sin. How does a Christian deal with personal failings? How does a Christian view death? How does a Christian progress in the spiritual life? Do we realize how much we really need God? ... more

Praying to Saints and Dying to Sin, Romans 6:1-14

November 7, 2014

On today’s episode of Deep in Scripture, Marcus and Ken start by taking a listener question on the Scriptural basis for prayer to the saints and for our departed loved ones. They examine some relevant Scriptures and then turn to the tradition present in the Early Church Fathers to see how the early Christians regarded such practices. They then move on to their continuing study of Romans 6:1-14, discussing the meaning of Baptism and how Christians should respond to sin. ... more
Marcus Grodi DIS Deep in Scripture

“Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more,” Romans 5:12-21

October 31, 2014

Marcus Grodi and Kenneth Howell continue their Bible study of Romans by discussing grace, salvation, mercy, free will, and Hell. ... more
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O Felix Culpa! Oh Happy Fault!

April 3, 2012

At the beginning of the Easter Vigil twice we heard this strange outburst: ... more
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“All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not deadly,” 1 John 5:16-17

April 28, 2010

Marcus welcomes good friend Dr. Paul Thigpen. Dr. Thigpen was formerly a secular, New Age practitioner when he had his Christian conversion. He became an Evangelical pastor before he made the journey home to the Catholic Church. Marcus and Paul discuss the Catholic Church’s teaching on mortal and venial sin, which is found in the Bible. ... more
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Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” Matthew 7:21-29

December 2, 2009

Marcus welcomes his RCIA sponsor and good friend Rev. Paul Key, former Presbyterian pastor with an Evangelical background. Fr. Paul focuses on Matthew 7:21-29, in which Jesus tells the parable of the man who built his house on sand. What does it mean to call Jesus “Lord,” but have Him not know you? Marcus and Fr. Paul discuss the way in which this verse worried them as former Protestant pastors. They delve into sola Scriptura, sola fide, and sola gratia, and the Catholic understanding of the obedience of faith. ... more

Dominican Musings on the Book of James (1: 16-18)

October 7, 2009

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes Rev. Brother Joseph Anthony Giambrone, O.P.. Fr. Anthony is a priest in the Dominican Province of St. Joseph. In true Dominican fashion, he really focuses on dissecting the Book of James’ history, context, style, language, and meaning. What does it mean to be a “first fruit” of God’s creation? Did the Catholic Church ever dissuade Catholic from reading the Bible? ... more
Robert Rodgers Rob Rodgers

Open Line With Rob Rodgers, Former Nominal Anglican

May 4, 2009

Marcus and Rob answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Fr Richard Barker

Fr. Richard Barker: Former Presbyterian Who Became a Catholic Priest

September 13, 2004

Father Richard was born and raised in a Presbyterian family in Texas. As a boy he actively participated in Sunday school and youth group. However, like many teen, after high school he drifted away from faith. For 18 years he never attended church. He received the gift of faith while driving home on a Tuesday of Holy Week. He turned a corner and received a call to go to church. He responded to that call on the second Sunday after Easter and is now a Catholic priest. ... more

Lisa Weible Militello: Former Southern Baptist

November 25, 2002

Lisa was raised Southern Baptist, even though her father was a Lutheran. In her college days she became a lukewarm Christian, more and more explaining away her sins. This way of life culminated in a failed marriage and an abortion. Her father’s conversions to the Catholic faith, after a pilgrimage to Europe, began her journey back to Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. ... more