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Eight Things To Love About the Catholic Church Part 6: Our Life in the Sacraments

May 12, 2015

Last week we looked at five of the seven sacraments of the Church.  This week I shall explain about the two great sacraments of ministry:  Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony. ... more
John Nahrgang

John Nahrgang, “They have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom,” Matthew 19:9-12 & 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

June 23, 2010

Marcus welcomes former secular agnostic John Nahrgang to discuss discerning a vocation to religious life and his journey to the Catholic Church. What is celibacy? How does a Christian discern the will of God in his life? ... more
tim staples

The Biblical Origins of Celibacy, 1 Timothy 5: 9-11

November 18, 2009

Marcus welcomes Tim Staples, former Assemblies of God youth minister, to discuss one of the “verses he never saw” as a devout Protestant. Tim chose 1 Timothy 5:9-11 to discuss the issue of consecrated celibacy and other teaching of Jesus that many “found hard to receive.” ... more
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Think of What Is Above, Not of What Is on Earth, Colossians 3:1-2

April 22, 2009

Marcus welcomes Father Brian Mullady, O.P, to discuss Fr. Mullady’s favorite verse from St. Paul. The discussion focuses on eternal life and, thus, Christian living here on earth. They also discuss the nature of grace, Sacraments, and the Body of Christ. ... more
Sr Mary Rose Chinn

Sr. Mary Rose Chinn: Former Pentecostal Who Became a Catholic Sister

September 20, 2004

Sister Mary Rose was reared in Nebraska and California. While working at her father’s restaurant, she was witnessed to by a couple that invited her to their Foursquare Gospel Church. There she had a deep religious experience and gave her life to Christ. Sister Mary attended nursing school with the intention of becoming a missionary. While in college she became acquainted with InterVarsity Press and began to meet other Christians, including her Catholic roommate who invited her to pray the rosary and attend classes on the Catholic faith. After ... more

Fr. Mark Wood: Former Baptist

January 27, 2003

Fr. Mark was raised in a Baptist household but as a teenager drifted from his faith, to the point of being an atheist. A Catholic friend invited him to a SEARCH retreat, where he committed his life to Jesus Christ. After the retreat he fervently attended his Baptist church and participated in many activities. However, in his senior year of high school he sought instruction in the Catholic faith and was received into the Church. He discovered his vocation to the priesthood while attending college. ... more
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Sr. Constance Walton, OSF: A United Methodist Minister Who Became A Catholic Sister

February 12, 2001

Sister Constance grew up in Iowa in the Methodist church. She had a very strong religious education. As a young teen she was bored and stopped attending church. When she was a senior in high school he was asked to help with the kindergarten class. This began her journey back to Christ. She attended seminary and in 1974 was ordained and began to minister in Methodist parishes in South Dakota. While attending courses in clinical pastoral education, she began spiritual direction with a Catholic sister. This began her journey to the ... more
mother angelica jh

Mother Angelica: Life-long Catholic

August 23, 2000

Mother Angelica was born Rita Antoinette Rizzo, in 1923, in Canton, Ohio. In 1944, she joined the contemplative order of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration. After a severe back injury, she told God that if she could walk after the surgery, she would build Him a monastery in the South. True to her word and God’s goodness, the surgery was a success. The new Mother Angelica and five founding Sisters made the journey South. Our Lady of the Angels Monastery was solemnly consecrated on May 2, 1962. In 1980, a garage behind the ... more
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Open-Line With Thomas Smith: Former Mormon

February 4, 2000

Marcus and Tom answer open-line questions together from the audience. ... more