Deacon Jack & Mary Warfield: A Methodist Who Married a Life-long Catholic

July 18, 2005

Jack was raised a Protestant. His parents were Baptist. He sang in the Methodist choir and he attended a Presbyterian Bible school and a Quaker grammar school. Mary Ellen was brought up Catholic. Here father was not Catholic but he dutifully took the children to Mass. Jack and Mary Ellen bet in college. After he returned from the Korean War they were married. For several years they attended separate churches, until Jack entered the Catholic Church in 1961. He was ordained a deacon in 1982. ... more

Lindsay Younce: Former Evangelical Quaker

August 23, 2004

Lindsay was brought up as an Evangelical Quaker. From a young age she learned to pray and to offer up small sacrifices to the Lord. Along the way she learned that Catholics were not Christians. This myth was dispelled when she made friends with a Catholic. The friendship threw her into confusion as it made her question the truth of other things she had been taught. Soon she began reading about the Catholic faith and the early Church Fathers, which led her to enter the Catholic Church. ... more

Fr. Richard Delzingaro: Non-Denominational Minister

May 13, 2002

Father Richard is a late vocation to the Barnabite Fathers in Bethlehem, PA. A child of a mixed Catholic and Protestant marriage, he was raised a Baptist but later joined the Quakers while in college. He was attracted by their stance on peace and justice issues. Though he was always searching, studying theology, it was the witness and friendship of a Catholic priest that eventually brought him to the faith of the Catholic Church. ... more
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Mark Gordon: Son of a Baptist Minister & an Assemblies of God Minister

October 22, 2001

Mark reared in a wonderful Evangelical home. He gave his heart to Jesus Christ as a young man. His father was ordained an Independent Baptist minister and later served in an Evangelical Friends (Quaker) congregation.  His mother later was ordained an Assembly of God minister. As Mark grew in the faith he began to realize that there were deep disagreements among Evangelicals about essential points of doctrine and that something was very wrong. While, watching a papal Mass one Christmas Eve, he began his journey Home to the Catholic Church. ... more
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Norman Dahlgren: Former Quaker

July 9, 1999

Norman was baptized and brought up as a Lutheran as a child in Chicago. After college he fell away from all faith after reading a biography of Martin Luther. After his experience in the Vietnam War he became a pacifist and joined the Society of Friends, better known as Quakers. Years later he went into a Catholic church to pray because it was the only one open. While there the priest led the people through the Stations of the Cross. This experience began him on his journey Home, which took ... more
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Doug Trout: Revert from the Evangelical Friends (Quakers)

September 11, 1998

Doug was brought in a Catholic family. As a young man he led a secular life. He met Christ through a group of Evangelical Friends, a branch of the Quakers. While attending a seminary, he met up with a Catholic childhood friend who responded to his objections to the Catholic faith knowledgably and with love. He ask him, “What is the pillar and foundation of truth?” Doug said, “The Bible.” His friend answered, “Then why does the Bible say that it is the truth.” This began his journey back to ... more