Life-long Catholic

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Patrick Madrid: Catholic Apologist

November 23, 2015

In this special episode, Pat Madrid returns to talk with Marcus about why he is still Catholic. Pat was reared in a faithful Catholic family. He always had an intellectual commitment to the faith but it wasn’t until he was a young adult that he had a deep interior commitment to Christ. Pat is a full-time Catholic apologist, the editor of “Envoy” magazine and the author of the books “Surprised by Truth”, “Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine” and “Pope Fiction”. Check out Pat’s website ... more
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Thomas Nash: Life-long Catholic

November 2, 2015

Tom grew up in Detroit in a faithful Catholic family, where the faith was lived. Early on, he felt drawn to Jesus in the sacraments. Tom is a former Senior Information Specialist at Catholics United for the Faith (CUF). He now works for Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). He is co-author of Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass, and his work has appeared in such publications as Catholic World Report, This Rock, the National Catholic Register and Lay Witness. He has worked in both ... more

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle: Life-long Catholic

May 18, 2015

Donna-Marie is a life-long Catholic who shares with Marcus the faithfulness of God through her life’s many difficulties. She also talks about being “introduced” to Blessed Mother Teresa by another living saint, (now Servant of God) Rev. John A. Hardon S. J. Donna-Marie’s decade-long friendship with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta led to a long correspondence and meetings around the world. Following in the footsteps of Blessed Teresa, Donna-Marie became a lay Missionary of Charity and founded a branch of the lay Missionaries of Charity. Today, Donna-Marie is ... more
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Bishop Kevin Vann: Lifelong Catholic

May 5, 2014

Bishop Vann is the bishop of the Diocese of Orange, California. Formerly, he was bishop of Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up in an active and faithful Catholic family in Springfield, Illinois.  Bishop Vann’s first degree was in Medical Technology and he worked in that field for several years. He wanted to serve people even more and entered seminary. He was ordained a priest at the age of 30 and ordained a bishop in 2005. Marcus talks with Bishop Vann about ecumenism and the Pastoral Provision. ... more
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Brian Nelson: Former Christian Reformed

November 4, 2013

Brian Nelson’s passion is music.  It is interwoven in his life’s story and in his conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism.  Originally a performance major at the University, Brian switched to composing, which became his true love.  However, in his mid-twenties, Brian began to experience a creative dryness.  His life became miserable.  He began to seek God more intentionally and reached a point of offering himself to God to do with what He would.  “Things began to change after that,” Brian states.  He shares with Marcus the result of ... more
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Joanna Bogle: Life-long Catholic

March 5, 2012

Joanna Bogle, English author, historian and broadcaster, visits with Marcus.  Together they compare and contrast various religious topics as they relate to England and the United States.  Joanna is a lifelong Catholic who discusses the Anglican influence on the Christian faith in Great Britain.  She notes some of the influential writers in her faith journey such as C.S. Lewis, John Henry Newman and G.K. Chesterton.  Joanna talks about some of the challenges the Church faces in the 21st century as well as the opportunities of the Anglican Ordinariate.   ... more
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Frederick Campbell, Bishop of Columbus: Life-long Catholic

October 10, 2011

His father was a Scottish Protestant and his mother, Polish Catholic.  Frederick Campbell knew both worlds.  It was his upbringing as a Catholic that formed his faith but his interaction with his father’s family and the school community in Elmira, NY provided him with an understanding of the other Christian traditions around him.  From an early age, Frederick was instilled with the idea that God calls us to a life of holiness and a life of vocation.  He was good in math and language but really began to see ... more
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Chuck & Jo Ann Wilson: Former Congregationalist & Life-long Catholic

June 13, 2011

Chuck and Jo Ann Wilson share the story of their journey of faith as individuals and as a married couple.  Chuck’s family proudly wore the colors of 13 generations of protestantism, like members of an elite club.  Religion or politics was not to be discussed, however, it was all about the message of achievement.  Chuck pursued his college studies, never darkening the door of a church, and began life in the military in Atlanta, GA.  It was then he met his wife-to-be, Jo Ann – a devout Catholic.  Their early days ... more
Mary Healy

Open-Line With Dr. Mary Healy, Life-long Catholic

July 13, 2009

Marcus & Dr. Healy answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Fr Brian Mallady OP

Fr. Brian Mullady, OP, STD : Life-long Catholic

September 8, 2008

Father Mullady is a life-long Catholic. He is the son of an Air Force officer and was raised through out the United States. He entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was Ordained in Oakland, California, in 1972.  He has been a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, mission preacher and university professor. He received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and was professor there for six years. He has taught at several colleges, universities and seminaries in the United States.  He is an ... more
Mitch Pacwa

Open Line With Fr. Mitch Pacwa

December 3, 2007

Marcus and Father Mitch answer open-line questions from the Journey Home Audience. They also talk about Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spe Salvi “Saved in Hope”. ... more
Ralph Martin

Ralph Martin: Devout Catholic Who Fell Away in Search of Truth

August 13, 2007

Ralph was brought up a devout Catholic, but he questioned his faith while searching for the “truth.” After a Cursillo retreat in college he learned that God is the only Truth and Ralph has been proclaiming that message ever since. ... more