Work: A Foretaste of Heaven

September 10, 2013 | 4 responses

by Marcus Grodi. Jesus told several stories about a father with two sons, maybe because they so clearly illustrate the Two Ways of the spiritual life. In one such story, a father asks his two sons to help him with farm work—Boy, does this sound familiar! The first son answers…

Dr. David Twellman: A Methodist Minister Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home Program

August 29, 2005 | no responses

David was brought up in a devout Protestant family. In high school he began to question his faith and became an avowed atheist. After joining the Navy, in 1973, he returned to faith in Christ after a couple of life-threatening events. After returning to civilian life he studied in seminary and was ordained a United […]

Dr. Jeffrey Schwehm: A Jehovah’s Witness Who Is Now Catholic – The Journey Home Program

February 7, 2005 | no responses

Marcus and Jeff answer open-line questions from the audience. Jeff was raised a Lutheran until his parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was six years old. He became very active with the Witnesses and even left his home to work full-time at Bethel, the Watch Tower headquarters, in Brooklyn, New York. He met he future […]