Disciples of Christ

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Mark Averett: Former Baptist/Disciples of Christ

September 24, 2012

Mark Averett, though being born and lived for his first four years in Mississippi, counts Kentucky as his home.  Raised until age twelve in the Southern Baptist tradition, Mark has fine memories of his faith formation, including his public affirmation at nine.  His family moved over to his mother’s tradition, the Disciples of Christ, where Mark would continue for some time.  It included his time through college at the University of Kentucky and some hard years partaking of all the culture had to offer.  Having a Damascus-like experience, Mark ... more
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Fr. Ray Ryland: Former Episcopal Priest

June 6, 2011

Fr. Ray Ryland has a long history in ministry, beginning with his calling at age 17 while he was in the Disciples of Christ Church.  He later became a priest in the Episcopal Church, before converting, with his wife and five children, to Catholicism in 1963.  Even though he fully expected to be a Catholic lay man for the remainder of his days, he still had within his heart a calling to minister.  In 1983, through the pastoral provision, Fr. Ray was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.  He and Marcus discuss several ... more

Deacon Adrian Straley: Atheist Materialist

March 26, 2007

Although was raised in a Disciples of Christ family, Deacon Adrian lost his faith as a teen and fully embraced a skeptical, materialist atheism. He didn’t find his way clear to return to faith in Jesus Christ until he entered the Catholic Church in his mid-40’s. Some 15 years later he was ordained a permanent deacon for the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. ... more

Fr. Ray Ryland: Former Episcopal Priest

April 1, 2002

Marcus and Father Ray answer open-line questions. ... more
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Linda Poindexter: Former Episcopal Priest

September 17, 2001

Linda grew up in a faithful Disciples of Christ home. She began to date her husband, John Poindexter, while he was in the Naval Academy. After he graduated, they both joined the Episcopal Church. In the military, they moved often and made church they focus of home. In 1980, she began to feel that she was called to ordained ministry, being ordained an Episcopal priest in 1986. She pastored Episcopal congregations for 13 years. Her growing pro-life convictions and the breakdown of moral and doctrinal convictions in the Episcopal Church began a journey ... more
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Jay & Gail Caress: Former Baptist Missionaries

November 13, 2000

Jay grew up in a Christian home but as a teen in the mid 1960’s he began to question everything. After high school he became involved in rock music and moved to California where he met Gail. Gail was brought in an Evangelical family. When she went off to college she got involved in the drug culture. Soon after they met a conversion of sorts began. About six months later they attended a conference with the Campus Crusade for Christ where they recommitted their lives to Christ. Eventually, they went ... more
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Kirk Kramer: Former Disciple of Christ

May 19, 2000

Kirk grew up in a little town in southwest Missouri, in an active and committed Disciple of Christ family. When he was in the 8th grade, he saw the movie “In This House of Brede” and then read the book it was based on, about a woman in an English village who entered a Benedictine monastery. Through this, and a good Catholic friend and his family, he fell in love with the Catholic Church. Kirk was received into full-communion with Christ’s Catholic Church when he was 16 years old, on ... more
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Fr Ray & Ruth Ryland: Former Episcopalians

October 10, 1997

Fr. Ray & Ruth were both brought up in the Desciples of Christ denomination. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, Fr. Ray attended seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1950. Ministering in that denomination for over a decate, both he and Ruth were led by the Holy Spirit to seek Catholic unity. In 1963, along with their five children, they were received into the Catholic Church. Fr. Ray was ordained a Catholic priest in 1983. He received his eternal reward on March 20, 2014. He is survived by Ruth, his ... more