When Everything You Thought You Wanted Isn’t Enough

December 15, 2016

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Paige Murray – Former Nondenominational Christian

October 26, 2016

Paige Murray was part of a number of congregations as a young girl, including one that suffered a splinter that caused her parents to stop going to church altogether.  However, she still felt God’s call on her life, and continued to pray and seek him, eventually ending up at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  Along the way, she developed a love for the Eucharist through her encounters with monastic life, and eventually decided to join the Catholic Church to work as a lay missionary.  For those ... more

Denise and Tim Mergen- Mother and Son

July 26, 2016

Denise Mergen remembers two of her college roommates getting abortions, and the negative impact it had on their lives.  When she married a Catholic, her priest suggested that she and her husband get involved in a ministry that they could both agree on, and so Denise got involved with helping post-abortive women.  Along the way, she found herself building on her faith background in the Church of Christ as she finally became convicted to follow Christ’s call into the Catholic Church. ... more
Kimberly Hahn Medium

Contraception & the Church: “Do not conform yourselves to this age” with Kimberly Hahn

May 17, 2016

***The Devil tried to stop us, but this episode was just TOO GOOD not to share! (The first several minutes of this program contain some technical difficulties, but it is worth pushing through. Please “offer up” the slight inconvenience with the intention that Mrs. Hahn’s testimony may bear fruit in the lives of listeners struggling with this topic.) ... more
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Fr. Carter Griffin: Former Presbyterian

October 7, 2013

Despite being a child born into a Presbyterian home in Virginia, Fr. Carter Griffin found himself at a young age as a student in a Catholic elementary school in Brazil.  Seeds of Christian virtues were planted both by his family and his school.  It was while in college at Princeton University, that his friend invited him to a Catholic Mass.  It proved to be a real game-changer for Fr. Griffin.  Following a stint in the Navy, Fr. Griffin, now a Catholic, was torn between law school and the seminary.  Ultimately, ... more

You Have Nothing Better To Do

September 25, 2013

In my recent post “Discernment and the Hard, Long, Right Road Beneath Your Feet” I pointed out that as we discern what to do with our lives, since God never intends us to reach some good end via evil means, we can rule out options, however attractive, which seem to necessitate blameworthy shortcuts. Either we have been deceived (from within or without) about the actual goodness of the good we have in mind, or it is indeed a good, but not one we are being called to do, or perhaps ... more

Sometimes Why is not Why

September 25, 2013

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Discernment and the Hard, Long, Right Road Beneath Your Feet

August 26, 2013

Christian discernment takes patience and prayer and is not something easily reducible to a few simple axioms or methods. However, through the use of our reason, we can at least approach discernment having ruled out certain impossibilities. One thing that we can be sure of, for example, is that God will never intend for us to sin as a means of accomplishing or reaching a good. The question of “ends and means” may be a familiar one in regards to imagining more extreme circumstances, but consider a more ordinary example: ... more
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How Being a Baptist Prepared Me to be a Good Catholic

August 21, 2013

After joining the ranks of the Catholics, it was my hope to avoid the smug former-smoker arrogance that sometimes comes with such a dramatic change. You know what I mean: the I-used-to-be-so-stupid-and-now-I-see-the-Light attitude that is, in and of itself, irritating. (In my slow journey to the Church, I picked up a couple of well-meaning books written by former Evangelicals who exuded that very attitude. They were not helpful.) So, here’s my disclaimer: any comments I might make about Evangelicalism or Protestantism are meant to be good-natured and wry, or ... more

The Wisdom of Hindsight: What we can learn from the experience of Father John Thayer

April 30, 2012

For years, I’ve been fascinated with a little-known figure in American Church history: Father John Thayer (1758-1815). He served as chaplain to John Hancock during the American Revolution, was the first American born priest of Boston and missionary to Kentucky, and his 1798 Fourth of July sermon is included in the list of Great American Political Speeches. In my view, however, his most significant claim-to-fame is that he was the first American-born Protestant minister convert. He published the story of his conversion in 1787 (the first of its kind in American ... more

Discernment: Does God have one right choice for me in each decision I make?

October 31, 2011

When we pray for wisdom to discern God’s will when it comes to choosing a mate, a career, a job change, a move, a home, a school, a friend, a vacation, how to spend money, or any other choice, big or little, whenever there are two or more different paths opening up before us and we have to choose, does God always will one of those paths for us? If so, how do we discern it? ... more