Rob Evans - The Donut Man

The Donut Man on St. Paul — St. Paul for Children

January 14, 2009

Marcus welcomes his long-time friend Rob Evans, “The Donut Man,” musical presentation to children regarding the life of St. Paul. Rob Evans has sold over 6 million children’s albums world wide. In this episode, he offers 5 songs about St. Paul followed by commentary from his new children’s effort “Paul in a Basket.” ... more
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Peter & Regina Cram: Former Episcopalians

March 20, 1998

Peter was brought up Presbyterian & Congregationalist. Regina, on the other hand, was reared in a Catholic family but left the Church at 14 when she was “saved”. After they were married they became active in the Episcopal church. When the issues of the lack of a living authority arose in their denomination, they began a long journey that led them Home to the Catholic Church. ... more