Through the eyes of most non-Catholic Christians, few Catholics look or sound like Christians. This is understandable when it comes to bad Catholics who do not live according to the teachings of their Faith, but it can even be true of good faithful Catholics whose devotions and practices look strange to Evangelical Christians.


At best, Evangelical Christians might feel sympathy, and at worse, revulsion, when they see what they interpret as a superstitious, idol worshipping woman wearing a Mantia on her head, kneeling before a statue of Mary, fingering a string of beads, and mumbling Latin phrases.

What about all those strange doctrines that Catholics supposedly believe? What about their devotions to Mary—do they indeed worship her as if she is the fourth person of the Trinity? What about their loyalty to the pope? And how do Catholics think they are saved? Through their works? Through their faithful participation in the sacraments? And what about all those drinking, smoking, gambling, divorcing, Mafioso Catholics? How can this be what Christ wanted?

So, are any Catholics Christians? This is what we hope to examine in the following articles and media presentations.

Going Deeper

Personal Testimonies

Southern Baptist Seminarian Leaves to Become a Catholic

November 24, 2014

I Discovered Christ in the Eucharist

October 31, 2014

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

September 26, 2011


Looking into Scripture

Listener Q&A: The Communion of Saints and Intercessory Prayer

August 27, 2008

Deep in Scripture

Listener Q&A: Praying to Mary, Scripture, Salvation and the Church

August 13, 2008

Deep in Scripture

Let’s Go Deeper

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