Are you a convert or revert to the Catholic Church?


Conversion stories are one of the most powerful testaments to Christ’s work in our lives. Reading or listening to the ways in which Christ has led men and women to home to His Church, the body of Christ, can and has sparked many to embark upon their own journey of faith. We would encourage all converts or reverts to the Catholic faith to not only become a part of our community but to glorify the hand of God in their lives by sharing their stories with others.

We have some great opportunities for you to share your conversion story. The Coming Home Network International sends a monthly CHNewsletter by post or e-mail to all of our members – converts and reverts to the Catholic Church, clergy and laypeople who are on the journey to Catholicism, and lifelong Catholics who offer their prayerful support. Additionally, on our website we publish a variety of conversion stories contributed by our members.


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