We have come from all religious backgrounds and walks of life. Many of us were even pastors or missionaries who wanted nothing more than to continue serving Our lord Jesus Christ. Humbly, we share with you the stories of how the Holy Spirit moved us to seek the Body of Christ and the unity for which He prayed.

“Jesus Christ’s grace is bigger than anything that you’re going to bring to the table.”

April 28, 2017


In high school, Brother Martin Davis started to become restless, hopping from church to church to find which denomination might be the one that had the market cornered on truth.  A growing understanding of the nature of apostolic authority, as well as a greater appreciation for the Catholic Church’s impact on Western Civilization, led him first to become Catholic, and then to pursue religious life with the Dominicans. ... more

A God of Love

April 26, 2017

Written Stories

I was born to a family with deep roots in the Methodist church.  My great, great grandfather, John Wesley DeVilbiss, is historically remembered as the first to preach a Protestant sermon in San Antonio, Texas where I grew up.  He was also one of the Founding Fathers of Travis Park Methodist Church in San Antonio, and apparently was instrumental starting other churches along his travels.  There is a stained glass ... more

Fr. Timothy Reid – Former Methodist

April 25, 2017

The Journey Home

If there’s one recurring theme to Fr. Timothy Reid’s journey, it’s prayer. His grandmothers were both prayer warriors, and this influenced him to maintain constant communication with God throughout his childhood and into his young adult life. Raised Methodist, with childhood Catholic friends, he didn’t develop an antipathy towards Catholicism until his college years, when he joined an evangelical campus ministry organization.  However, it was also ... more

Why I Am A Catholic

April 17, 2017

Written Stories

I have not always been a Catholic. At the age of ten I was baptized at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Lubbock, Texas. My mother and stepfather were not churchgoers, but must have thought I was misbehaving sufficiently to require more moral guidance than they were equipped to provide. For several Sundays they took me on a tour of churches throughout the city, then asked me which one I liked.   ... more

“These people knew they were part of one worshipping community, even though they’d never met each other before.” – Br. Thomas Martin, O.P.

April 13, 2017


Brother Thomas Martin grew up Lutheran, and developed an appreciation for St. Augustine in his teenage years.  One Summer while at Philmont Scout Ranch, he found himself profoundly impacted by the experience of a Catholic Mass.  That started him on a journey that eventually led him to pursue religious life with the Dominican Order. ... more

Jeff Gardner – Former Mormon and Atheist

April 11, 2017

The Journey Home

Jeff Gardner grew up in a pristine Mormon family, and then his parents’ marriage fell apart.  His mother’s subsequent relationship with a black man led to his exclusion from the community, and embittered him against religion in general.  As he pursued his academic interests, he hardened into a militant atheist, until his study of Franciscan work with plague victims in the late middle ages and a dream about St. ... more

Overcoming Anger, Finding Peace

April 10, 2017

Written Stories

Bryan Mercier is a Catholic writer, speaker and apologist, online at catholicbryan.org.  His latest book is Why Do You Believe in God? Catholic Conversations with Skeptics and Non-Believers.  He spoke with The Coming Home Network about his troubled teenage years, and how his struggles with anger, and even temptations to violence, were overcome through a fresh discovery of his true worth in the eyes of a loving God. ... more

“We all went to Oxford as Episcopalians, and we left as Catholics.”

April 6, 2017


Brother Bonaventure Chapman”s background was in a number of denominations: Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Lutheran.  It was when he went to Oxford, England, to study for Anglican ministry, that all of his “protests” against the Catholic Church finally melted away, and he followed God’s call to religious life with the Dominicans. ... more

Thomas Storck – Former Episcopalian

April 6, 2017

The Journey Home

Thomas’ father insisted that his family become involved in an Anglican parish, even though he himself wasn’t really a believer.  He thought that belonging to a worship community was important for instilling civic and social values.  However, Thomas began to absorb some of the things he was hearing at church, and eventually had a conversion both of heart and intellect.  Since coming into the Catholic Church, Thomas Storck has ... more