How Far Would You Follow Jesus?


Marcus Grodi, Founder

We strove to follow Jesus Christ with our whole hearts and this led us somewhere we never expected: the Catholic Church.

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Certain problems precipitated our search and certain discoveries confirmed our destination, but our purpose was always fidelity to Jesus.

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We Sought a Firm Foundation

We live in the "soup" of modern Christendom — hundreds, even thousands, of Christians and their movements, denominations, and associations, each with their own set of doctrines and lists of "essentials." Amid the pressures of modernity, traditional denominations divide, with new groups forming every day, each increasingly more individualistic and detached from any formal connection to historic Christianity.

Still the guiding light for the majority of non-Catholic Christians is the Bible alone. But if the Bible alone is sufficient, why so many contradictory opinions as to who Jesus is, what is necessary for salvation, how we ought to live our lives, and whether belonging to a church — to any church — is even necessary?

Seeking the answer to these questions is what led many of us to re-examine the very foundations of our Christian assumptions.

What Does it Mean to Be a Christian?

Are you a Christian? Am I?

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Is the Bible Alone Sufficient?

Is the Bible alone sufficient for understanding all matters of faith?

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Is Salvation By Faith Alone?

Is faith alone, at the exclusion of a life of holiness, all that is necessary?

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Who is really my authority?

How do I know that my interpretation of scripture, what I’m being taught, or what I’m teaching about Jesus Christ is true?

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Where Did We Get the Bible?

Who decided which books were scriptural and which were not? By whose authority has this scripture been passed down to me?

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Are you deep in history?

What did the earliest Christians believe? How well do I really know the history between then and now?

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We Re-Examined the Catholic Church

Re-examining the foundations of our Christian faith led us to question whether we could remain Protestants. Most of us had not even really thought of ourselves as "Protestants" and the Catholic Church was hardly a consideration. At best, we would have thought the Catholic Church a terribly diluted (if not deluded) Christian tradition; we believed that if Catholics could break through the many encumbrances of their superstitious works and put their faith in Christ, they might be saved! On the other hand, many questioned whether the Catholic Church was Christian at all.

But once, by grace, we began seeing the inherent flaws of Protestantism, we began to examine our protest. This was not a matter of ignoring the many historical flaws of Catholics, but rather a recognition of a fullness of truth and historical continuity present in the Catholic Church. In the process, many long-held suspicions were overcome and many lost treasures of the Christian faith were unearthed.

It was in discovering the fullness of truth on topics like those below that we were forced, in fidelity to Christ, to re-examine everything we thought we knew about the Catholic Church.

Are Catholics Christians?

What do Catholics really believe and why?

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The Communion of Saints

Nearly all Christians around the world, at one time or other in their lives, profess the Apostles’ Creed. Most consider

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Tradition? That’s a Catholic thing, right? But do I and my particular denomination really not have traditions of our own?

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The Sacramental Life

Where did the sacraments come from and what difference do they make?

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The Lord’s Supper

The “Eucharist” was not the term we used to describe our monthly celebration of the Lord’s Supper or Communion when

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