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“Hard Verses” — Jephthah & Christian responsibility

January 28, 2016

Jim Anderson, Coming Home Network’s Senior Advisor in History & Theology and former Lutheran seminarian, joins Marcus Grodi to discuss some “Hard Verses” from Scripture. Jim chose the Old Testament story of Jephthah, which left him scratching his head! Marcus chose a New Testament verse regarding “decency,” asking the question who defines “decency” and such standards? Finally, a listener posed the following question: ... more
Al Kresta

02/18/2009 Guest Al Kresta, Hosted by Marcus Grodi

February 18, 2009

Marcus welcomes seasoned radio personality and former Evangelical pastor Al Kresta. Marcus and Kresta how to offer up all that we are — including our physical body — to God, and how to grow in holiness. Kresta also touches upon suffering in his life. ... more

Open Line With Dr. William Bales, Former Presbyterian Minister

June 2, 2008

Marcus and Bill answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
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David & Barbie Walker: Former Methodist Seminarians

April 24, 2006

David was raised in a Southern Baptist family that instilled a deep faith in Jesus Christ in him. Barbie was brought up in a faithful United Methodist family. She remembers that she faith in Jesus Christ was enriched in church camp. During college David and Barbie worked together in summer church camps working with youth. After they finished college and were married, they both enrolled, firstly in Vancouver Seminary, later they transferred to Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. While in seminary they wanted to learn more about worship in the early ... more
Paul Thigpen

Dr. Paul Thigpen: Former Evangelical Pentecostal Minister

September 12, 2005

Marcus and Paul answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
jimmy akin

Jimmy Akin: Former Presbyterian

July 21, 2000

James (these days he’s goes by Jimmy) was born in south Texas and grew up in the Ozarks in Arkansas. When he was little he parents attended the Church of Christ but stopped attending when he was about five. In high school he became involved in the New Age movement. In his early 20’s he began studying the Bible and fell in love with the Scriptures. Soon, he developed a desire to become a Presbyterian minister, in which denomination he now belonged. He fell in love with a Catholic ... more
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Fr. E. Slider Steuernol: Former Presbyterian Minister

May 22, 1998

Fr. Steuernol was baptized Methodist, in West Virginia. At first he was ordained a minister in the United Church of Christ but later in the Presbyterian church. Fr. Steuernol visited a Trappist looking for a “supernatural thing in worship”. “As Protestants, we tend to be rational in our worship.” As a pastor, he got tired of feeling like the success of worship was based on how well he preached. Fr. Steuernol said he found what he was looking for in the Mass. He was ordained a Catholic priest, in 1996. Fr. ... more