Jeffrey Morrow JH

Jeffrey Morrow, Jewish Atheist turned Catholic Christian

February 29, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes Jewish convert and former Evangelical Protestant Jeffrey Morrow to discuss his journey from atheism into belief in God, Christianity, and ultimately, Catholicism. Jeffrey grew up not knowing that Christmas or Easter had anything to do with Jesus! Not only was he not familiar with Christianity, but he simply didn’t believe any God existed! Challenged by peers in college, he realized that Christianity is one of the most historically-defensible ideologies. He realized his atheism took more faith than belief in God. After coming to know Jesus Christ, ... more
Steve Ray Journey Home

Steve Ray: A Baptist looks at Mary

February 1, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes back former Baptist and good friend Steve Ray. “Jerusalem Jones” talks about the way in which biblical typology opened his eyes to the Catholic Church. Ray focuses this episode on the Virgin Mary in Scripture and how the Catholic Church’s tradition on the Mother of God is the most biblical interpretation. ... more

Scripture and Liturgy

November 5, 2014

Dr. Hahn discusses how his study of typology and the interconnectedness of the Old and New testaments pointed him, at every turn, toward the historic Catholic Church. He shows the place of tradition in Christian life and how scripture is fundamentally connected to liturgy. He concludes with a discussion of the sacramentality of marriage and the powerful daily liturgy we are called to in the domestic church. (This talk was originally given in 2003 at the CHNetwork’s “Deep in History” conference) ... more
Marcus Grodi DIS Deep in Scripture

“Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more,” Romans 5:12-21

October 31, 2014

Marcus Grodi and Kenneth Howell continue their Bible study of Romans by discussing grace, salvation, mercy, free will, and Hell. ... more
mike allen

“They will look upon him whom they have pierced,” John 19: 31-36

May 5, 2010

Marcus welcomes former United Methodist pastor Mike Allen to discuss biblical typology regarding the Lamb, the Eucharist, and the Blood and water that flowed from the side of Jesus. ... more
Deep Scripture jim anderson

Messianic Prophesy, Wisdom 2:12-22 (3rd Anniversary Show)

January 6, 2010

In this Deep in Scripture third anniversary show, original guest host, Jim Anderson, rejoins Marcus Grodi to discus the Revelation of Christ to the world, especially in the Book of Wisdom. They also discuss how the Old Testament was complied, and what the Book of Wisdom (The Wisdom of Solomon) is. ... more
Tim Drake

The Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35

August 5, 2009

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes Tim Drake, former Lutheran to discuss how the story of the Road to Emmaus opened his eyes to the importance of the Old Testament in understanding Jesus. They also discuss the Eucharistic themes of this story. ... more

John 3:16 with Steve Ray

July 1, 2009

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes good friend Steve Ray, former anti-Catholic Baptist, to talk about the verses he chose from the Gospel of John. Marcus and Steve discuss, among other things, taking Scripture out of context; personal interpretation of Scripture (sola Scriptura); being “Born Again”/Baptism; faith, works, and Salvation; and “belief” and the “obedience of Faith.” ... more
Deep in Scripture

Participation in the Body & Blood of Christ, 1 Cor 10:13-17

November 5, 2008

Marcus welcomes Robert Corzine, Vice President of Programs and Development of Dr. Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. The pair discusses how this verse was viewed differently when they were Protestant, and how the Catholic Church opened their eyes to the depth of the Old and New Testaments. Corzine delves into the way in which the Catholic Church teaches the “layers” of meaning of Scripture, and also into the issue of living in the world amongst temptation. ... more
the-giving-of-the-keys-to-saint-peter-pietro-perugino jesus

Typology and a Visible Church: Steve Ray’s “Verses I Never Saw”

April 30, 2008

Marcus Grodi welcomes Baptist convert Steve Ray to discuss the Bible verses Mr. Ray “never saw” as a Protestant, particularly those that deal with the topics of typology and “the visible church.” ... more
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 5.40.50 PM

Dr. Scott Hahn: Is the Bible alone sufficient?

April 14, 2000

Scott gave his life to Christ in high school. He soon became a convinced Calvinist. In seminary some thought he out-calvined Calvin. While teaching a Bible class, as a minister, a student asked him, “Where in the Bible does the Bible teach that it is the sole rule of faith?” Unable to give a solid answer he began an in-depth study, which would lead him Home to the Catholic Church. Dr. Hahn is Professor of Theology and Scripture at the Franciscan University of Steubenville as well as the President of ... more