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Deacon Rick Bauer: Former Church of Christ Minister

September 15, 2014

Deacon Rick was brought up Catholic but by high school he had lost his faith. He believed in God but religion was the last thing on his mind. While in college, he began to read the Bible for the first time, while attending a Church of Christ fellowship.  After giving his life to Jesus Christ he dropped out of law school, joined their ministry training program and became a campus minister. He served as a Church of Christ minister for a number of years. While working on his masters degree ... more
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Mark Brumley: Former United Methodist

November 20, 1998

Mark recounts his journey from a “southwest St. Louis theist” to his conversion to Christ and attending a Baptist and later a Methodist church. He reading of C. S. Lewis, among others, led him to seek the fullness of the truth, which in turn led him to the welcoming arms of the Catholic Church. Mark is now Chief Executive Officer for Ignatius Press. ... more
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Doug Trout: Revert from the Evangelical Friends (Quakers)

September 11, 1998

Doug was brought in a Catholic family. As a young man he led a secular life. He met Christ through a group of Evangelical Friends, a branch of the Quakers. While attending a seminary, he met up with a Catholic childhood friend who responded to his objections to the Catholic faith knowledgably and with love. He ask him, “What is the pillar and foundation of truth?” Doug said, “The Bible.” His friend answered, “Then why does the Bible say that it is the truth.” This began his journey back to ... more