Transcendental Meditation


Fr. Bill Kneemiller: Returned to the Catholic Faith from the New Age

October 27, 2014

Father Bill grew up in a Catholic family in St. Charles, Missouri. In college he became involved, beginning with Yoga, in Eastern meditation and eventually the New Age Movement. He became so involved that for fifteen years he taught Transcendental Meditation. His return to the Catholic faith began when he became involved with a Rosary group that emphasized praying from the heart. Through this he realized that prayer was relationship and a grace and not just a meditative technique. Father Bill is now a priest of the Diocese of Davenport, ... more
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Paul Swope: Former New Age

December 11, 2000

Paul was not brought up in any church. When he was 14 he became deeply involved in Transcendental Meditation. After college he decided to hitchhike around the world. While in Switzerland, he discovered the L’Abri community, of Francis Schaeffer, which began to open his heat God. After returning home, he discovered C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton and gave his life to Jesus Christ. He sensed that God was calling him to the pro-life cause. Through this he was introduced to the Catholic faith. Paul is Northeast Project Director ... more