Call No One On Earth Your Father – Fr. Ray Ryland

October 2, 2004 | no responses

One of the more common objections we receive from non-Catholics is that we call our priests “father,” because doesn’t Jesus stress in Matthew 23:9, “You must call no one on earth your father….”?

Dr. Kenneth Howell: A Presbyterian Minister Who Is Now Catholic – The Journey Home Program

January 5, 2004 | no responses

Marcus and Ken answer open-line questions from the audience. Reared in a Protestant home, in his late teens Dr. Howell had a deep sense of the grace of God in his life and loved to read the Sacred Scriptures.  He attended Westminster Theological Seminary, in Philadelphia and was ordained a Presbyterian (PCA) pastor, in 1978. […]

Fr. Ray Ryland: Episcopal Priest Who Became Catholic – The Journey Home Program

April 1, 2002 | no responses

Marcus and Father Ray answer open-line questions. Father  Ray was brought up in the Disciples of Christ denomination. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, Fr. Ray attended seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1950. Ministering in that denomination for over a decade, both he and his wife, Ruth, were led […]

Rosalind Moss: A Convert To The Catholic Faith From Judaism – The Journey Home Program

November 5, 1999 | no responses

Marcus and Rosalind answer open-line questions from the audience. Rosalind was reared in a Jewish home in Brooklyn. At a young age he became an agnostic. In the mid-70’s, through the witness of her brother and other Jewish Christians, she accepted Jesus as the Messiah. In the 1990’s, again through the witness of her brother, […]

Dr. William Marshner: A Lutheran Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home Program

July 2, 1999 | no responses

Marcus and Dr. Marshner answer open-line questions of the audience. Born in Baltimore, Dr. Marshner was raised in the Lutheran Church. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Gettysburg College as a pre-ministerial student. An interest in Old Testament exegesis led him to postpone entry into the Lutheran seminary in order to pursue a degree at […]

Dr. Charles Spivak, MD: An Agnostic Who Returned To The Catholic Faith – The Journey Home Program

June 9, 1999 | one response

Charles was born and raised Catholic. When he went to college he began to question his Catholic faith and the existence of God. His study of astronomy and the glory of the universe began to soften his heart to God. Slowly, the Holy Spirit guided him, firstly to believe in God, then the authority of […]