plurality of gods

Gene Fadness

Gene Fadness: Converted From Mormonism

October 9, 2006

Gene was baptized in the Lutheran Church but his family never attended much. In college, he was introduced to the Mormons and felt drawn in, even though a few of their beliefs seemed odd to him. Finally, after doubting his Mormon faith for many years, he discovered the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic Church. ... more
Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith, Former Baptist Minister

January 3, 2005

Marcus and Tom answer open-line questions together from the audience. ... more

Paul DuPre: Former Mormon

February 24, 2003

Paul attended a Jesuit prep school but the faith never stuck. After dropping our of college, he felt his youth was passing by him. He prayed to God for help, never expecting an answer. After talking to some Mormon missionaries, he became a Mormon and later a missionary to Taiwan. There Paul me a Chinese Catholic who was on fire for the Lord and knew her faith. Upon returned to Utah, he was quickly married had two children and divorced. After a number of years as a practical Atheist he ... more
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Thomas Smith: Former Mormon Missionary

October 23, 1998

Tom grew up in Idaho. He was a seventh generation Mormon. As a Mormon missionary for two years, in Alabama, he began to see inconsistencies in Mormonism as well as conflicts with Scriptures. The witness of Christians sharing how Jesus Christ had changed their lives had a powerful impact on him. After becoming a Christian, he was ordained as a Baptist minister. In an attempt to study the earliest Christian writings to defend the doctrine of the Holy Trinity against the Mormon teaching to the plurality of God, Tom discovered ... more