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Rick Rosen: A Convert to the Catholic Faith from Judaism

January 5, 2015

Rick grew up in a Jewish community in Oak Park, Michigan. Unknown to Rick, his journey to faith in Jesus Christ began when he married an Irish Catholic girl. God used a rocky time in his marriage to get his attention to enable him, through the Holy Spirit, to accept Jesus as his Messiah, Lord and Savior and, eventually, to come into full-communion with his Catholic Church. ... more
David Moss

David Moss, A Jewish Convert to Catholic Christianity

March 7, 2005

Marcus and David answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
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Roy Schoeman: Jewish Convert

January 10, 2005

Roy was born outside New York City of Jewish parents who had fled Nazi Germany. After receiving his Jewish education and formation under some of the most prominent Rabbis in contemporary in America, he went to college at MIT and then Harvard Business School, where he earned his degrees and joined the faculty as a professor of marketing. Midway through his career of teaching at Harvard he received the grace of several supernatural experiences that resulted in his conversion to Christianity. Following his conversion, he became active in Catholic evangelization, ... more

Martin Barrack: A Jewish Catholic Christian

October 28, 2002

Marty was reared a Jew in a very Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx. As a young boy his best friend was the only Catholic on the block. As a radio operator he befriended a Franciscan brother. He also married a Catholic. However, it took 20 years for him to be baptized and enter the Church. The Shroud of Turin was a deciding factor in leading him to consider the truth about the Resurrection of Jesus. For more information, check out his website: ... more

Mark Drogin: Former Jewish Atheist

June 24, 2002

Mark is a convert from Judaism and atheistic materialism. As a youth he has a completely “horizontal” view of the world. God never came into the picture. Always seeking for the truth, along with his wife and some friends, he started a commune in northern California. Seeking the teaching of enlightened thinkers, like Buddha and Jesus, they decided that Jesus was different than all the rest because he suffered. Knowing abortion was wrong he was drawn to the Catholic Church because of its stance for life. His heart was finally ... more
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David Moss: Jewish Convert

January 14, 2000

David grew up in a Conservative Jewish family in the Bronx. By the age of 15 he had lost his faith. He became involved in the left wing politics of the 1960’s. His first conversion was from liberal to conservative politics and becoming pro-life. For the children, David and his gentile wife began to attend a Baptist church, but David still didn’t believe in God. A pro-life friend suggested that he begin visiting the Blessed Sacrament and to pray the doubter’s prayer. After God’s intervention, David’s heart ... more