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Heather & Andrew Bowen: Former Baptist & Former Atheist

December 7, 2015

In reaction to his own judgmental zeal as a young man, Andrew became an angry atheist. Heather, who was Andrew’s best friend in college, was brought up Lutheran. After they married neither practiced any sort of faith life. When Heather suffered an ectopic pregnancy God brought her back to Christ through the Baptist faith. Andrew reacted by becoming filled with anger toward God. His anger became so bad that their home became a battle ground. God used an extremely interesting route to bring Heather and Andrew to the Catholic ... more

Ulf & Birgitta Ekman: Former Charismatic/Non-Denominational

September 14, 2015

Ulf was a restless secular teenager. He turned his life to Christ from the witness of a friend. Birgitta was born in India to Methodist missionary parents. Ulf and Birgitta met at university, while Ulf was studying for ministry in the Lutheran Church. After they were married they were both active in the Charismatic renewal. From this they founded the Word of Life Bible School out of which grew a megachurch. As their ministry grew, they began to encounter Catholics. They began to ask, “What is the essence of the ... more

Jamie & Jack McAleer: A Former Lutheran and a Revert from Secularism

April 20, 2015

Jack grew up Catholic in Mobile, Alabama. His parents were great role models for the faith. They lived only three doors from the church and Jack was a regular altar server. With all of this, Jack says he didn’t learn that he should have a personal relationship with Jesus. Jamie’s upbringing was different. She came from a small family and was baptized Lutheran. Living in a dysfunctional family she was a dreamer as an escape. In college, Jamie accepted Jesus into her heart and also met Jack. After ... more
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Deacon David Miller: Former Lutheran

July 28, 2014

Deacon David was born and raised Lutheran. His grandmother made sure that he was at Sunday school every week. He would read the Bible under his covers at night. Even with this background, after confirmation, he stopped attending church. For about 15 years he drifted spiritually. At one time he wanted something to hang from his rear view mirror so he ordered a rosary he saw in a magazine. While experiencing a rough time he began to pray the rosary using a prayer book that came with it. This was the ... more
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Elizabeth Ficocelli: Former Lutheran

July 7, 2014

From the time she was a young child growing up in a nominal Lutheran family, Elizabeth felt called to follow God on an interesting and surprising spiritual journey. Elizabeth shares the little clues God left her along the way, including hearing his voice whispered in her heart, and meeting a young Catholic man, which would eventually lead her to enter the Catholic Church at the age of twenty-three. Elizabeth Ficocelli is the author of fifteen books for adults and young people. To lear more about her, go to: http://elizabethficocelli. ... more
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Fr. Tyson Wood: Former Lutheran Minister

June 16, 2014

Fr. Tyson grew up in a Lutheran family on Luther’s Small Catechism. As a teenager, he began to question such Protestant pillars as “sola Scriptura” and the equating of concupiscence with personal sin.  He thought to himself, if we can’t cooperate with God, because of total depravity, what it the purpose of living a moral Christian life? He felt called to ministry but joined the military out of hight school. Later he attended college and then a Lutheran seminary. His last year in seminary he became an ecumenical ... more
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Fr. Jürgen Liias: Former Episcopal Priest

May 19, 2014

Born in the Black Forest Region of post-war Germany, Fr. Jürgen came to America, with his parents, in 1952. The family was given shelter by an Episcopal priest in Massachusetts. His new pastor had a profound effect on him and the call to ordained minister was present as far back as he can remember. Ordained an Episcopal priest in the early 1970’s, he never fit in with the liberal Anglican establishment of New England, being too orthodox and charismatic. Fr. Jürgen was received into the Catholic Church in 2009 and ... more

Finding a Scriptural Church

April 14, 2014

My father was a Lutheran minister in the Erzgebirge, a small city in southern Saxony, Germany when I was born in 1988. Erzgebirge, set on the Czech Republic border, is one of the most Protestant regions in the former German Democratic Republic and all the family on my father’s side came from this region. My grandfather was a Lutheran deacon and evangelist; old photographs with him and Billy Graham exist. He decided as a fourteen-year-old boy in a trench in France to give his live to Christ and serve Him ... more
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Rick Fee: Former Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

February 24, 2014

Marcus Grodi welcomes Catholic convert Rick Fee.  Rick grew up in a devout Christian home formed in the tradition of the Missouri Synod branch of Lutheranism.  His family and he were devoted to weekly attendance at church and Sunday school in a part of northeast New Jersey with a strong Catholic presence.  Rick’s faith beliefs were challenged in college which set him on a journey to find the truth.  Eventually, entering law school and marrying his Catholic girlfriend, Rick continued his pursuit of defining his faith.  Rick found RCIA ... more

A Deeper Look at Our Conversion Stories

December 6, 2013

Becoming Catholic was never my dream or intent. It is still an all too vivid memory to me, sitting alone at age 40 in a half-lit basement, having resigned from the pastorate. I ached for having abandoned the weekly privilege of a pulpit from which to proclaim God’s truth. Would I ever have this privilege again? Will I ever again have a pulpit? Now they estimate that each week from the “pulpit” of The Journey Home television program I speak to a potential audience of over a billion viewers and ... more

From “Sola Fide” to “Plena Fides”: Justification and the Catholic Faith

October 15, 2013

When I converted to Catholicism in 1996, my wife could not in good conscience follow me. She became a Missouri Synod Lutheran. Both our new affiliations were a change from our Presbyterian heritage but at least the Presbyterians and Lutherans hold the doctrine of justification by faith alone in common. For fourteen years, Sharon attended Mass with me and I attended her Missouri Synod congregation until in October 2010 she became a Catholic. Sharon and I had many conversations over the years about the doctrine of justification. Still today there remains much ... more
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More Than Enough

September 30, 2013

Our third son was 10 days old on “Reformation Sunday” 1998. The preacher that Sunday at the local Lutheran church we attended was a retired Lutheran school principal, a man in his 70s with a great shock of white hair. He ascended the pulpit and held up a book, a book he proclaimed “the work of the devil!” The book was by a Catholic author on justification. The preacher offered this book as evidence that “the Reformation must go on!” To me, he came across as so angry and fearful, so unreasonably ... more