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Worshiping on Sunday — Zechariah 14: 20-21, Special Guest Davie Currie

February 25, 2016

Marcus Grodi invites good friend Davie Currie, former Fundamentalist Baptist seminarian and son of a pastor, to discuss a “Hard Verse” from the Book of Zechariah and how this verse opened his eyes to the continuity between the Old Testament and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Marcus and David also discuss briefly David’s new book Loving Baby Louie about helping children understand miscarriage and the loss of a baby. ... more
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Mark Averett: Former Baptist/Disciples of Christ

September 24, 2012

Mark Averett, though being born and lived for his first four years in Mississippi, counts Kentucky as his home.  Raised until age twelve in the Southern Baptist tradition, Mark has fine memories of his faith formation, including his public affirmation at nine.  His family moved over to his mother’s tradition, the Disciples of Christ, where Mark would continue for some time.  It included his time through college at the University of Kentucky and some hard years partaking of all the culture had to offer.  Having a Damascus-like experience, Mark ... more
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David & Barbie Walker: Former Methodist Seminarians

April 24, 2006

David was raised in a Southern Baptist family that instilled a deep faith in Jesus Christ in him. Barbie was brought up in a faithful United Methodist family. She remembers that she faith in Jesus Christ was enriched in church camp. During college David and Barbie worked together in summer church camps working with youth. After they finished college and were married, they both enrolled, firstly in Vancouver Seminary, later they transferred to Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. While in seminary they wanted to learn more about worship in the early ... more
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Kristen West McGuire: Former United Methodist Seminarian

June 25, 1999

Kristen came from a family of faithful Methodist Christians. In college, she drifted away from the faith but was active in social justice work. A friend’s suicide attempt began her return. After Jesus appeared to her in a dream, she returned to Christ and began to think of going to seminary. Her work with the poor brought her to confirm her faith in Jesus. While working as a chaplain in a mental hospital, she began to read Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who, along with her Catholic husband led, ... more