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Mosongo Osong – Catholic Revert

June 7, 2016

Mosongo Osong grew up in a faithful Catholic family in Cameroon, but when he had his first taste of party life at age 13, he started down a chaotic path of drugs, alcohol, and pornography.  The whole time, though, he knew that he was not in the right place, and his family members continued to pray for him.  When he was in the United States as a student, he was impacted by a tragedy that caused him to take his devotion to Christ to a new level. ... more

Lisa Campbell: Former Assembly of God

October 12, 2015

Lisa grew up in a terribly dysfunctional home. After bad experiences with Pentecostal “revivals” and living a young adulthood of drugs, violence, and suffering, Lisa sought refuge in an Assembly of God church. Lisa was introduced to Catholicism after she married a cradle-Catholic. Through him she became drawn to the Catholic faith. To read more about Lisa’s journey, check out her written conversion story. Also, go to the apostolate with which she works: armyofapostles.com. ... more

Matthew DiMartino: A Fundamentalist Baptist Who Became a Catholic

December 8, 2014

Matthew grew up in a Protestant family. His mother had been Baptist and his father had been Catholic. They brought Matthew up in a Charismatic Episcopal parish. In high school, he got involved in the rock music culture. In a few short years he didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. When he was 17 he got involved in selling drugs. He was arrested and spent time in jail. Soon after, 9-11 happened and Matthew realized that one day he would die. He turned his life over to God in ... more

Daniel Weikert: Left Christ for “Progressive” Philosophy and Politics, Underground Music and Art, and Moral Heathenism

February 22, 2010

Although Daniel had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior with he was six years old, in his teenage years, he rejected. Replacing him with substitutes, such as “Progressive” philosophy and politics, underground music and art, drugs and moral heathenism to fill the growing void in his heart and mind. A series of events landed him in jail where he began to read the Bible. This began his journey back to God in Christ and eventually to the holy Catholic Church. ... more
Robert Rodgers Rob Rodgers

Open Line With Rob Rodgers, Former Nominal Anglican

May 4, 2009

Marcus and Rob answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Don Calloway Donald Calloway

Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C.: Kicked Out of Japan as a Teen, Encountered Christ through Mary

July 23, 2007

Father Donald lived the wild life as a teenager. He was so reckless that the government of Japan kicked him out of the country when he was a teen. He wondered hopelessly as a Grateful Deadhead, existing on macaroni & cheese and massive amounts of drugs. Thought his turmoil, his parents became Catholic — through the witness of a Filipino lady. On a night that he was sure he was going to die, he was radically converted to Christ when he happened upon a book on the apparitions of the Blessed ... more
Dion DiMucci

Dion DiMucci: Revert from Presbyterianism

May 1, 2006

Marcus and Dion answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Rob Rodgers Robert Rodgers

Rob Rodgers: Former Anglican

October 3, 2005

Marcus and Rob answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Fr Terry Kraychuk

Fr. Terry Kraychuk: A Lapsed Catholic Who Returned to the Faith

May 17, 2004

Father Terry was born in Canada. Although he was canonically a Ukrainian Catholic he was mostly raised in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. At a young age he became obsessively interested in hockey, to the point that it became an idol. The death of his grandfather shook his faith. He began experimenting with drugs and was soon kicked out of high school. He bought a Harley and began riding and dealing drugs across Canada and the United States. While on top of a mountain in California, he was ... more

Rob Rodgers: Former Lapsed Anglican

September 15, 2003

Rob was reared first in the United Church of Canada and later the Anglican Church. In high school and college he stopped practicing any faith and became deeply involved in drugs and alcohol. While working in London, England, the Holy Spirit began to work on his heart, drawling him to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. After meeting several Catholic friends, after a long journey he was received into full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more

Carrie Allegretti: Former Presbyterian

January 13, 2003

Carrie was raised Presbyterian but soon stopped attending church after he parents’ divorce. She dabbled in drugs from an early age. As a young adult she had an abortion. He return to Christ and eventual reception to the Catholic Church, began when she met and married Rick, a Catholic. ... more