Christian Science


Fr. Hugh Thwaites, SJ: Former Anglican

August 18, 2003

Father Thwaites describes his journey from being a Christian Scientist to the Church of England and his eventual entry into the Catholic Church. Father Thwaites spent three years in a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Nine years after this broadcast Father went to his eternal reward on August 21, 2012 at the age of 95. ... more

Dr. Ross Porter: Former Presbyterian Elder

April 28, 2003

Ross was raised a Baptist. He joined the Presbyterian Church, at 16, when his father, a Christian Scientist, became a Christian. As an adult, he first tried the world of business before heading back to school to obtain a Clinical Psychology and eventually a M.Div. for Fuller Theological Seminary. After seminary he was ordained a Presbyterian elder. While a candidate for ordination, Ross made a pilgrimage to Italy, where he learned about the Benedictine monastic tradition and also met the Pope. These events started him upon his ... more
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Dr. Robin Maas: Former Christian Science & United Methodist

October 9, 2000

Robin was raised in a family where her mother was a Christian Scientist and her father an indifferent Methodist. By the age of 14, both of her parents had died. This forced her to a deeper prayer life and Scripture study. After high school she attended a Christian Science college, in Illinois. By about the age of 30, her study of sociology combined with reading the Catholic mystics deconstructed her Christian Science worldview. She still believed in God but was left high and dry. Continuing to read Scripture, the mystics, she entered ... more
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Chris & Janine LaRose: Former Methodists Who Became Catholic

September 17, 1999

Chris was brought up in a Congregational Church. For his family though, God was a “Sunday God” as he struggled with alcohol. After he married Janine he continued to struggle with alcoholism. This would not change until a Methodist minister came to their door and gave them hope in Christ. Janine was raised, by her mother and grandmother, in the Christian Science faith. She turned to Christ by the witness of the same Methodist minister. They were led to begin their journey to the Catholic Church through the music of ... more