A Chance Remark Rocks My World

December 9, 2016

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Deacon Patrick Lappert – Convert from Judaism and Atheism

November 29, 2016

Deacon Patrick Lappert married a Catholic, and went along with raising his children in the faith because he thought it would be a nice way to teach them to live according to moral principles.  A former member of the Jewish faith who now considered himself an atheist, his plan was to enlighten his kids once they grew up, letting them know all religion was based in superstition.  As he continued to attend Mass with his family, he began to see that much of his mistrust for religious authority was related ... more

Lori Martinez – Former Agnostic

November 2, 2016

Lori’s grandfather and great-grandfather were Brethren ministers, but her parents were vocally anti-religion.  Somehow, though, Lori always had a sense that God existed- it was Jesus she wasn’t so sure about.  Through a series of difficult situations and questions, she continued to pray and study, until one night, she had a dream that seemed to put together a lot of the questions she’d been struggling with.  She ended up joining RCIA, and while reading the Catechism, felt like suddenly the whole world started to make sense- including ... more

Mark Gamble – Former Evangelical and Episcopalian

October 4, 2016

Mark remembers hearing his father tell Bible stories around the dinner table every night, and never dreamt of walking away from his Christian faith.  When he became an engineer, his work took him all over the world, so he had the opportunity to visit Christian communities of all shapes, sizes and varieties- all, that is, except those of the Catholic variety.  When he finally went to a Catholic liturgy for the first time, it was on Good Friday, and when he found himself swept up into a line of people ... more
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Seth Paine: Former Nondenominational Christian

July 12, 2016

Seth, the Web and New Media Developer for the Coming Home Network, tells about his journey to the Catholic Church, beginning with his childhood raised by parents who had just rediscovered their Christian faith themselves.  Growing up in Massachusetts, Seth was active in youth ministry and short term missions, going on to apply his IT skills in the developing world, and discovering a deep appreciation for the universality of the Church.  Along the way, he continued to study everything he could get his hands on to grow in his Christian ... more

My Journey Home

November 28, 2011

Once a minister of the Episcopal Church, I am today a Roman Catholic Priest, serving as pastor of the parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. As it turns out, becoming a Catholic priest brought me “full circle.” Allow me to share with you how and why. ... more
Marcus Grodi

Defragging our Minds: A Case For Studying the Catechism

September 27, 2011

How does one determine truth? This was the core of my own journey to the Church, and though I won’t repeat the details here, I must admit this journey, for me at least, did not cease once I became Catholic. I knew my old Protestant ways of determining truth did not work and led only to a cacophony of conflicting opinions that divides Christians from other Christians. But then once inside the gates of the Church, I was sadly stymied by the unexpected breadth of opinions and sad divisions ... more
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Lovelace Howard: Former Episcopalian

November 19, 1999

Lovelace was reared in an evangelical Protestant home in Alabama. As a young woman she served for five years as a missionary in Japan. She married Thomas Howard in 1965 and became an Episcopalian and raised their children in that denomination. In the 1980’s, when she learned of Tom’s journey to the Catholic faith, she was sympathetic but frightened. She supported Tom but couldn’t but couldn’t follow for eight years. Reading St. Francis de Sales helped her in her journey. She came to realize that, in her thinking ... more