Dr. Petroc Willey – Former Evangelical

August 2, 2016

Professor of Theology at Franciscan University Dr. Petroc Willey joins Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home to share his journey from evangelicalism to Catholicism.  Growing up in England, Dr. Willey had the sense that Catholics were somehow less English than their fellow countrymen.  However, after years of study, he found himself drawn more and more to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and came to the conclusion that it was the place where he could have the deepest and most fulfilling relationship with Jesus.  A great episode for those involved ... more
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Drake & Crystal McCalister: Former Pentecostal Ministers

January 3, 2011

Drake and Crystal McCalister were both ordained ministers of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, a evangelical Pentecostal denomination founded by Aimee Semple McPherson.  They share their story of coming home.  Growing up in the Seattle, WA area each were in a family which took its faith seriously.  Crystal began as an Episcopalian but changed over to Foursquare when her parents relocated.  Each loved Jesus and knew Scripture.  Over a long process of getting to know the tenets of the Catholic faith in order to minister in his own ... more
Marcus Grodi as guest on Journey Home

Former Presbyterian Minister Marcus Grodi Discusses History of the Journey Home

September 17, 2007

The tables are turned on Marcus, as he is interviewed by Doug Keck. ... more

Fr. Carleton P. Jones, OP: Former Episcopal Priest

September 23, 2002

Father Jones was raised Unitarian and Congregationalist in New Hampshire. His parents were active and alive intellectually. From them he learned authority and obedience. In high school he became active in the Episcopal Church. After graduating from Yale University, he entered seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest, later joining the Anglican religious community known as the Cowley Fathers. Reading the works of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman led him to be received into the Catholic Church, in 1982. Later, he was ordained as a Catholic priest in the Dominican Order. ... more
Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-1.55.48-PM Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica: A Life-long Catholic

September 3, 2001

Mother Angelica joins Marcus for the 4th Anniversary episode of the Journey Home Program. Mother Angelica was born Rita Antoinette Rizzo, in 1923, in Canton, Ohio. In 1944, she joined the contemplative order of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration. After a severe back injury, she told God that if she could walk after the surgery, she would build Him a monastery in the South. True to her word and God’s goodness, the surgery was a success. The new Mother Angelica and five founding Sisters made the journey South. Our Lady ... more
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Open-Line With Fr. C. John McCloskey: Life-long Catholic

April 3, 1998

Marcus & Fr. McCloskey answer open line questions. ... more