Jody Morse: Former Presbyterian Who Became Catholic

September 29, 2014

Jody was brought up in the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. She was very active in her church as a child. After her parents’ divorce she began to be alienated from her former faith. After a failed marriage she got involved into Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism and Wicca. Later she became active in a Unitarian-Universalist congregation. At work she met a Catholic friend who began to have religious conversations with her. This was the beginning of the path that would lead her home to the Catholic Church. ... more

Ken Henderson: Addiction to Pornography

October 17, 2005

Ken grew up as a member of the Church of Christ. In his teens he became addicted to pornography and in his 20’s was into Zen Buddhism. He met his future wife and was married. All the while hiding his addiction. He joined the Catholic Church only because his wife was Catholic. In 2000, his wife and some friends had an intervention with Ken. Later he had an encounter with the Lord went to Confession and decided to become a true Catholic. Ken is the founder of True Knights, helping men ... more

Fr. Peter Sabbath: Former Jewish Convert Who Became A Catholic Priest

September 6, 2004

Father Peter was raised in the large and tight-knit Jewish community of Montreal, Canada. As a young man Father Peter attend Woodstock, after dropping out of Boston University. He found his way to Berkeley and studied Zen Buddhism. A friend invited him to a Cistercian Abbey in Canada, where he was impressed by the chanting and quiet. He received the gift of faith in Jesus through the liturgy while attending a Mass. Father Peter is now a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal. ... more
Kim St Maurice

Kim St Maurice: A Buddhist Who Became a Catholic Christian

March 15, 2004

Kim was born in Vietnam to practicing Buddhist parents. As a child, she attended French Catholic schools. Later, she attended university in Montreal, Canada and lived in a Catholic student residence. After graduating, she met and married her husband, who was a Catholic. Though she agreed to baptize and raise their children as Catholic, she didn’t think she would ever become a Catholic. Her heart was turned to Christ and his Church by attending Mass with her husband and meeting Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo, the late Prelate of Opus ... more

Dr. Paul Williams: Buddhist Who Became a Catholic Christian

February 17, 2003

Dr. Williams was born into an Anglican family, but as a young academic he converted to Tibetan Buddhism. Some twenty years later he startled friends and colleagues by becoming a Catholic Christian. Dr. Williams is a professor of Indian and Tibetan religious philosophy at the University of Bristol, England. This episode was recorded in Blessed John Henry Newman’s library in Littlemore, England. ... more

Alec Sithong: Former Baptist

May 21, 2001

Alec was born in Thailand coming from a Buddhist culture. He came to America with his family when he was six. In high school a Baptist friend introduced him to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. During college he continued to attend Baptist worship serviced but later he began to bounce from church to church looking for a faith home. He was looking for one clear voice of the Church and couldn’t find that among the contradictory teachings of the many denominations. Alec found the answer to his ... more
Fr Richard ho lung

Fr. Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P. : Former Buddhist

June 16, 2000

Father Ho Lung’s family came to Jamaica, from China, in the 1930s where they struggled to survive operating a small shop. He was taught by the Franciscan sisters. Their Franciscan spirituality seemed a natural extension of the Buddhism of the Ho Lung family. Buddhism teaches one to search for the truth and respect nature. Young Richard was the first Ho Lung to see that Christ was the truth for which he was searching. He was baptized and was eventually ordained a Catholic priest. In 1980, Father Ho Lung founded the ... more
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Michael Welker: To Catholicism from Zen Buddhism via Protestantism

November 7, 1997

Reared in Rockville, Maryland, Michael went to California to work for five years after high school, where he found an interest in Christianity, converting from Zen Buddhism. After moving to Florida, he was drawn to the Catholic faith, particularly through two very influential people: a Catholic gentleman he met at work who mentored him that he and his wife prayed a Rosary for Michael’s conversion every day for a year. Also a Catholic youth minister who shared the riches of the Catholic faith with Michael. ... more