Dr. Charles Spivak: Former Atheist

December 3, 2001

Born and raised Catholic, Dr. Spivak slowly lost his faith as a teen and collegian. He did not leave the Church in anger. He just could not find any reason to believe in God. In college and medical school he adopted atheism and secular materialism as his philosophy of life. He was eventually brought back to God in Christ and his Church through the wonders of the Universe through the study of Astronomy. ... more
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Dr. Charles Spivak, MD: Revert from Agnosticism

June 9, 1999

Charles was born and raised Catholic. When he went to college he began to question his Catholic faith and the existence of God. His study of astronomy and the glory of the universe began to soften his heart to God. Slowly, the Holy Spirit guided him, firstly to believe in God, then the authority of the Holy Scriptures. Finally, the reality of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist brought him Home once again to the Catholic Church. ... more