Anglican Orders


Dr. H. Graham Hudgins: Former Episcopal Priest

November 28, 2005

Graham was born in a devout Episcopal family. When he was 14, he went to a wrestling camp, a leader asked boys who were interested in the Bible to stay after to talk. At this time he gave his life to Jesus. During his college years he slipped from the faith but later recommitted his life to Christ. After college he thought he might have a calling to the priesthood. He worked at a boys school, where he met his future wife. In 1987, he joined the American Episcopal Church and was ... more
Dr Douglas Grandon

Dr. Douglas Grandon: Former Episcopal Priest

March 14, 2005

When Doug was a teenager, a friend shared Christ with him. Doug wasn’t sure God existed but, at his friend’s invitation, prayed for the Lord’s forgiveness and felt God’s grace for the first time. Later, he served as a Pentecostal missionary translator for five years in Yugoslavia. While studying Church history, he began to wonder to what church people like St. Augustine belonged. An Episcopal bishop friend taught him about apostolic succession and the Blessed Sacrament, leading him to be ordained an Episcopal priest. While studying ... more
Ned South

Ned South: Former Episcopal Priest

May 3, 2004

Ned and Marcus answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more

Fr. Carleton P. Jones, OP: Former Episcopal Priest

September 23, 2002

Father Jones was raised Unitarian and Congregationalist in New Hampshire. His parents were active and alive intellectually. From them he learned authority and obedience. In high school he became active in the Episcopal Church. After graduating from Yale University, he entered seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest, later joining the Anglican religious community known as the Cowley Fathers. Reading the works of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman led him to be received into the Catholic Church, in 1982. Later, he was ordained as a Catholic priest in the Dominican Order. ... more

Fr. Ray Ryland: Former Episcopal Priest

April 1, 2002

Marcus and Father Ray answer open-line questions. ... more
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Dr. James Patrick: Former Episcopal Priest

July 30, 1999

Dr. Patrick grew up in the Baptist church. In his later teen years, through his interest in church history, he became an Episcopalian. After his service in the army, he felt called to the ministry, attended seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest. He became a professor of ethics and moral theology. The richness and faithfulness of Catholic teaching, in light of the moral disintegration of the Anglican Communion, brought him to a realization that God was calling him to come into full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more