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Helping Them Home – Marcus Grodi

August 13, 2015 2 Comments

Marcus Grodi shares some of the “science of conversion” and strategies for dialogue in his talk “Helping Them Home” given at Christendom College.

Click here to access via iTunes U

  • E. J. van Waasdijk

    Dear Mr. Grodi, I regularly look at your “Journey Home” and visit your site. Today you refer me to an iTunes site that only caters to users of Windows (and perhaps Apple’s OSX, I don’t know). Thus you exclude users of Linux from your mission goals. We too have immortal souls!

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

    E. J. van Waasdijk

    • chnetwork

      Hey E.J.! Go Linux! That link is to Christendom College’s media which is indeed hosted on itunes. However, I believe the web page linked should still be viewable in any browser and Marcus’ talk (should be near the top) should be able to be clicked and listened to without using the iTunes store. Let us know if you are able to access! God Bless!

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