The Stories of 30 Protestant Clergy and Lay People Who Came Home to the Catholic Church

Journeys Home contains the stories of men and women who, having surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ, heard a call to follow Him somewhere they never expected. Many of them were pastors or missionaries. Others were lay men and women who, though working in secular jobs, took their calling to serve Christ in the world very seriously. In each case, their desire to follow Christ faithfully, to remain faithful to the truth He taught and to the Church He established through His apostles, led them to embrace the Catholic Church.These 30+ conversion stories, from both clergy and lay members of the CHNetwork, provide insight, encouragement, and inspiration for all who are seeking the fullness of Christian truth.

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Part One: Clergy Journeys Home

What Is Truth?
Marcus C. Grodi, former Presbyterian minister

I Never Wanted to Be a Minister’s Wife Anyway!
Marilyn C. Grodi, former Presbyterian minister’s wife

On Whose Authority?
Father Raymond Ryland, former Episcopal priest

I Never Dreamed I’d Be Married to a Catholic Priest!
Ruth Ryland, former Episcopal priest’s wife

Delving Deep Into History
Jim Anderson, former Methodist and Lutheran seminarian

Catholic Inside and Out
Kenneth J. Howell, former Presbyterian minister and seminary professor

The Gentle Persuasion of Scripture and My Wife
Father Paul Key, former Presbyterian minister

A Journey Home
Sister Rosalind Moss, former Jew and Evangelical minister

Our Journey Home
Larry Lewis, former United Methodist minister

Searching for Authority
Christopher Dixon, former United Methodist minister

Affirming All Things
Father Dwight Longenecker, former Anglican priest

Returning Home
Rick Ricciardi, former Assemblies of God minister

Logic and the Foundations of Protestant Faith
Father Brian W. Harrison, former Presbyterian minister

In Celebration of My Ignorance
Father Thomas Hickey, former “Scofield Bible” Baptist minister

A Search for Truth
Father Steven D. Anderson, former Charismatic Episcopal minister

The Spiritual Journey
Don Newville, former Assemblies of God missionary

“The Land Was Broad, Quiet, and Peaceful”
Gerald Tritle, former Presbyterian minister

Part Two: Lay Journeys Home

The Prodigal Comes Home
Robert Rodgers, former Anglican

Seeking the Answers to Life’s Basic Questions
Dr. Eduardo J. Echeverria, former Reformed Calvinist

Home Again, Thanks Be to God!
Lynn Nordhagen, former ex-Catholic Presbyterian

Grace Upon Grace
Jeffrey Ziegler, former Presbyterian

You Are That Man
Mark Connell, former ex-Catholic, anti-Catholic Protestant

How I Got This Way
Chris Robinson, former Evangelical Protestant

We Do Not Stand Alone
Todd von Kampen, former Missouri Synod Lutheran

And the Two Shall Become One
Tim and Mary Drake, former Lutherans

From One Worldwide Church to the True One
Dan Severino, former ex-Catholic and member of the Worldwide Church of God

Preaching Christ Crucified
Daniel Ali, former Muslim

Welcome to the Universal (Catholic) Family of God
Jeff Schwehm, former Jehovah’s Witness

A Twentieth-Century Centurion Swears Allegiance to Christ
Monsignor Stuart W. Swetland, former Evangelical Protestant

From Evangelical to Evangelical Catholic
Jason Shanks, former Evangelical Protestant

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