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Paul Bennett – Former Presbyterian

November 18, 2016 One Comment

Paul Bennett’s journey of faith really started when he hit rock bottom as an alcoholic.  Following the advice of his recovery program to turn his life over to a “higher power,” he began to pray to a God that he didn’t really understand.  As he continued to heal from addiction, he began to get involved in a local Christian community, eventually joining Bible studies and even book clubs.  Being a lawyer, he started to ask tough questions about some of the things he was being taught, eventually leading him to read St. Augustine and other Church Fathers.  His story is a great one to share with anyone you know who thinks that they’re too broken by addiction to ever be healed by God!

  • shaker LT1350

    Just got done listening to the program with guest Paul Bennett. And all I got to say is…….Wow! His and I stories are so similar it’s scary. Alcohol and drugs brought me to place where only a spiritual experience could overcome my addiction. And by the grace of God I had one! Then, that lead me back to my boyhood church (Presbyterian Church). Suddenly I found myself on fire about Our Lord Jesus! Digging ,reading,asking questions and etc….. My problem too was…… I guess I started asking too many question to my pastor and Sunday school teachers. I found myself doubtful on some of the teachings with Presb. USA.Coincidently I had a great sponsor in my Recovery program who introduced me to the Catholic Church. My friend’s 1st Advice to me was to find this Network named…..EWTN. And watch some archives video’s from a program named The Journey Home…! A few years later I gave in and went to my 1st mass…..over time I eventually was convinced that the Catholic Church was where God was calling me to be…..that lead to RCIA. I’ve been Catholic 3 years now. Also for me too, my wife asked for a divorce just weeks before I came into the Church. Heartbroken and dumbfounded I trudged foward and yet, I came into full communion with the Church.
    I want to thank you Marcus for having Paul on the program. His testimony was very uplifting to today. Though still divorced and sometimes sad, I’ll always know that I’ll never be alone! Thanks to folks like Bill W. , Dr. Bob and most importantly to the One Holy and Apostolic Church, I’ll always know where my friends will be.

    Steve from KY.