Pamela Sullivan: Former Assemblies of God

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August 24, 2015

Pamela’s father was interested in many religions. She spent her first eight years in the Mormon church. Later they moved on to a Baptist congregation. When she was twelve she accepted Jesus but she didn’t really understand what she was doing. Her parents continued to church hop causing her to be very confused and without a spiritual home. Finally, as a teen, Pamela found a home in the Assembly of God, where she learned to love Christ and be immersed in Holy Scripture. In college sadly Pamela rebelled against God and didn’t want anything to do with him. After some bad experiences with men, Pamela prayed that, if God would send her a man, she would return to faith. God held her to her promise and sent her a Catholic man. This was the beginning a long journey that would lead her to the holy Catholic Church.

  • Mark B

    I’m Mark…

    I don’t email after…anything…um…EVER.

    to email after watching Pamela Sullivan on “Journey Home”. Maybe it’s
    because you’re not really in the entertainment bizness that I’m emailing
    EWTN. I don’t know. You’re in the education bizness. So, I think
    this email will really reach someone. Maybe that’s why I’m emailing
    it. That might be it.

    that Pamela Sullivan woman was compelling. Could someone just pass on
    to her that she’s got a great TV presence? She should be on TV! I
    think she said she’s a teacher. She should have a show like “Dr.
    Phil”. She’s captivating to listen to.

    it’s because she was talking about something she feels deeply about. I
    don’t know. Something tells me she’d be good talking
    about…uh…selling car tires…on TV. She’s got that good of a TV

    just seemed so…um…EARNEST. My Gosh! You’d think it wasn’t a
    television program, and, instead, you were eavesdropping on a
    conversation between 2 people at a restaurant. That’s how authentic it
    seemed. It seemed as if you guys brought Mrs. Sullivan into the room
    and had her tell her story without letting her know there were any TV
    cameras there. Did she know there were any TV cameras there? Didn’t
    look like it. {By the way…Yes! I eavesdrop on people’s
    conversations. Do you think the people I’m having dinner with are
    interesting? No. I have to eavesdrop. 😉 }

    not a Catholic. It wasn’t her story that she was telling that
    compelled me to watch. I put EWTN on to help me sleep. It was on when I
    woke up from a nap. I woke up and left it on. I couldn’t change the
    channel or turn it off.

    tell Mrs. Sullivan she’s a compelling TV presence. Go immediately to
    some local TV stations with that “Journey Home” tape and ask for a job.
    I think she’d be given one immediately. I’d give her one.

    – Mark, from out there in TV land.

  • MaryKay416

    You came a long way to find your home. God answered your prayer to find a good man and by God’s grace you found a Catholic. God smiled on you. Welcome to the worldwide family.