Mosongo Osong – Catholic Revert

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June 7, 2016

Mosongo Osong grew up in a faithful Catholic family in Cameroon, but when he had his first taste of party life at age 13, he started down a chaotic path of drugs, alcohol, and pornography.  The whole time, though, he knew that he was not in the right place, and his family members continued to pray for him.  When he was in the United States as a student, he was impacted by a tragedy that caused him to take his devotion to Christ to a new level.

Find more information about Mosongo’s program, Biblezon, here.


Theological Background

  • Therese

    I’m a bit confused…How did this guy go to Catholic School (for any amount of time, and NEVER knew that fornication was a sin ??? Again, still Confused.

    • Adam Hovey

      If Catholic schools are as bad there (although they have excellent academics here) then they probably didn’t even learn about religion (note: not every Catholic school here is bad)