• Ness Lipa


  • LeticiaVelasquez

    Fascinating journey which proves that from the greatest evil, can come the greatest good. Jeff has had me on his show and I knew part of his journey from Mormonism, but this interview filled in the important details. Well done.

  • Sue Meissner

    Not convincing testimony. Jeff was very young and did not understand the Mormonism in many ways. Very hard to convince faithful LDS that Jeff’s arguments are valid since they are based on basic tenant errors. One blatant error is that Mormonism is pure emotionalism. But then applauds the rosary. Huh? To non Catholics, nothing is more emotionalism than Catholic devotions. In LDS culture ’emotionalism’ is called a testimony from the Holy Spirit who witnesses the truthfulness of all things. I am sorry Jeff was met with bigotry by neighbors but I can imagine members looking down on behavior that destroys families and ruins children’s lives as it did in this case. Like driving off a cliff and being surprised by those on the sidelines yelling at you how stupid that act is. I am glad Jeff has found a religion he can relate to. Sometimes a good break from childhood heartache with the resultant blame on religion is warranted. Still waiting for a good, well ‘catechized’ LDS conversion to Catholicism to be aired.