Douglas Beaumont – Former Evangelical

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December 14, 2016

“What is the Church?”  This simple question, which cuts to the core of Christian understanding, started Doug Beaumont down an unexpected path.  While at Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina, Doug began to dig at the roots of some of the principles of faith he had previously taken for granted, and started to ask questions that weren’t always received well by his colleagues.   Ultimately, it came down to the idea of authority- who had the right to say what the Bible really meant?  And deeper than that, who had the authority to say what was in the Bible in the first place?  Doug’s book, Evangelical Exodusis available from Ignatius Press.

  • WLV

    What a wonderful show. Your grasp of the issues in evangelicalism seemed exhaustive. Welcome to the Church established by Christ.
    Wesley Vincent