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Dan Burke: Convert from Judaism

November 7, 2011 2 Comments

Dan Burke’s father was an agnostic but his mother was a practicing reformed Jew whose familial roots were in Russian Judaism.  It was from that side of the family that Dan took his identity.  At around age ten, his parents divorced.  Emotionally and physically, Dan suffered and it was through that suffering that he sought the meaning of life and truth.  It would be a lifelong journey which brought him through new age thought, evangelicalism, Calvinism, and Anglicanism.  Ultimately, it was reading the Church Fathers and having encountering the living Christ that would lead Dan into the Catholic Church.  Today, he is the executive director of the “National Catholic Register”.


  • Marco Holland

    I was very inspired by this interview with Dan Burke. He is such a “man’s man”, and a “cool dude”, that I could really relate to his Journey. I grew up in a very anti-Catholic family and we were nominally “United Church” (I broke out in hives when taken to Church so my parents stopped “forcing” me to go at about 8 years old). I am now HUNGRY for all things Catholic, and, as a side comment, strangely enough, through the Catholic Church feel very much closer to my Jewish “cousins”. Christ was a Jew, the disciples were Jews and the Church Fathers (disciples of the disciples) were all Jews. Dan, you rock. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel a kindred spirit with you. Maybe we will meet someday. PS – am about to enter RCIA, and can totally relate to the impatience of waiting to partake in this sacred ritual!!

  • Suzanne

    Dan Burke’s testimony is so inspiring particularly when hearing his respectful attitudes that he voices towards his Jewish heritage and his Evangelical experiences. I will never forget his phrase “a fulfilled Jew”….how beautiful and mature.
    Thank you Mr. Burke, you are an inspiration!