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Barbara Golder – Former Episcopalian

January 31, 2017 One Comment

Barbara Golder’s search for truth took the form of her love of scientific inquiry.  She was born into a Methodist family, delivered by a Jewish doctor in a Catholic hospital- and all of those faith traditions would play a part in her journey.  Eventually becoming an Episcopalian, the moral relativism of some elements of the hierarchy in that Church made her feel like an outcast in her own congregation for holding to traditional Christian teachings about marriage and sexuality.  She eventually went to the Catholic Church because of its stability on moral questions, but fell in love with everything about Catholicism along the way.

Barbara is also the author of a Catholic murder mystery: Dying for Revenge.

  • Oliver CSM

    I really enjoyed listening to Barbara’s story, and identified with much of what she said. I came from a Church of England background, the Anglo-Catholic end, and like Barbara already knew Catholic theology very well; indeed as the CofE has no significant body of authoritative teaching on faith & morals, I had been relying on the Magisterium for years already. Yet mysteriously I find a Catholic liturgy and attitude that is outwardly nearly indistinguishable from my Anglo-Catholic Anglican experience to be inwardly profoundly different.
    I’m so glad her book had a plug on the show because I am now looking forward to reading it for many reasons. One is that I enjoy an intriguing whodunnit, but don’t read them lately because they can be depressing. Another is that I’m hoping it turns out to have that sort of profound evangelical message that isn’t so much spelled out as woven naturally into the fabric, as it is in Brideshead Revisited. And the other is that it sounds exactly the sort of book my wife loves to read, and I’m praying for her conversion!