About the Coming Home Network International

The CHNetwork began in 1993 out of the seemingly isolated experiences of Marcus and Marilyn Grodi and several other Protestant clergy and their spouses. Upon leaving their pastorates to enter the Catholic Church, these clergy and their families discovered with surprise that there were many others being drawn by the Spirit to take the same journey “home.”

To help bring these inquirers and converts together, we started the CHNewsletter and scheduled gatherings and retreats. The fellowship grew and now every week the Lord adds new members as clergy and laity from other traditions seek assistance and encouragement as they contemplate coming home to the Catholic Church.

The CHNetwork has been featured on EWTN television and radio as well as in national publications such as Our Sunday Visitor, The National Catholic Register, Christianity Today, This Rock, Lay Witness, and The Catholic Answer.

We have also received great encouragement from such Church leaders as Francis Eugene Cardinal George, Raymond Cardinal Burke, Bishop Robert J. Baker, Mother Angelica of EWTN, Karl Keating of Catholic Answers, Patrick Madrid, Dr. Thomas Howard, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Fr. Michael Scanlan, former President and Chancellor of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

Purpose of the CHNetwork

Though not generally known, non-Catholic clergy and laity from across the denominational spectrum are coming home to the Catholic Church. They come with great enthusiasm and commitment to follow Jesus Christ wherever He leads, even if this means coming out of their previously comfortable and familiar spiritual surroundings into the Catholic Church. Many of them come with great gifts for ministry, including years of training and experience, along with information and ideas for authentic Church renewal.

This journey can also be traumatic. It often results in the loss of friends and family, as well as the loss of career and financial support. It usually requires a rethinking of one’s doctrinal and moral convictions, as well as one’s vocation as a child of God. Sometimes the most difficult part of the journey occurs after they have come home. The CHNetwork was established to help these clergy and laity come home and then be at home in the Catholic Church.

The purpose of the CHNetwork is to assist the Catholic Church in fulfilling its mission of evangelization and its call for Christian unity, as proclaimed by Pope John Paul II in his encyclical, “That They May Be One” (Ut Unum Sint).

Our Work

The Coming Home Network International was established to help inquiring clergy as well as laity of other traditions to return home and then to be at home in the Catholic Church, by providing:

  • Contacts, assistance, and fellowship for those who are exploring the teaching and history of the Catholic Church, and are considering coming into full communion with the Church;
  • Continued fellowship and encouragement for those who have entered the Church and want to live fully Catholic lives;
  • Resources that give clear expressions of the Catholic Faith.

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