Has God Abandoned the Jews? Romans 11:1-12

Air Date: February 11, 2015

Today on Deep in Scripture, Marcus and Ken discuss Romans 11:1-12 where Paul asks, “Has God rejected his own people?” and look at Paul’s emphatic denial that God has abandoned the Jews. Dr. Kenneth Howell, CHN’s resident theologian, with a specialization in the Early Church Fathers, comments on a Facebook debate about the Catholic Church and the Early Fathers which posed this statement: “The Early Christians said that a church is apostolic only if it follows the teachings and practices of the Apostles. If it departs as such, we have no choice but to seek fellowship elsewhere with those who do.”
Scripture verse:  Romans 11:1-12
  • George

    This podcast is an inspiring reminder that we Christians owe a debt to our Jewish brothers and sisters who have kept the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David alive and rich. Excellent discussion

  • Sean Hodges

    I becam a Catholic in 2009 …largely with the help of you guys. As a former Charismatic, I was always crushed at the lack of unity in the churches I grew up in. I was always sadened by the divisions. I preached one time after I came back fro Russia to a church in Albany New York about unity … the church was splitting. THe bible is clear that division is sin. True discipleship comes from submitting to the one church that was buit on upholding the apostles teachings. If only more and more christians could come home and expereience the miracle of our family. Paul recieved the revelation that the church is Jesus’ Body. The Catholic church is that body. So grateful to the journey into holiness in the open arms of Jesus. Those arms are my Catholic brothers and sisters being moved by the Holy Spirit ever tightening around me. Our church believes everything Jesus said. God spoke creation into existence (let there be light); Jesus spoke new creation into existence (this is my body). Why is it so hard for protestants to not submit to Jesus … such pride.