Marcus Grodi reflects on Mother Angelica’s life

March 29, 2016

We thank God for the faithful and courageous witness of Mother Angelica. Her life and legacy is a sign of the mysterious work of God’s Grace. He chose and raised her up and empowered her by grace to be the needed risk-taker when the Church needed encouragement and an undeterred voice for truth; but He never took away her freedom to chose. And by grace she freely chose to dedicate her entire life to His service. May God bless her and have mercy on her. Our lives are better because we knew her.

To learn about the life and work of Mother Angelica, visit the EWTN memorial site at

  • Thank you Marcus for sharing with us. You and Mother Angelica are two people dear to me at EWTN. Thanks to EWTN for sharing with the viewing and listening world this week as we too are grieving her death and there is a comfort in numbers. May God continue to bless EWTN in the future as all of you are so important to we who are sincerely seeking.

  • I cannot enumerate all the ways my life could be different were it not for Mother’s work. I’m very blessed 🙂