People Begin Exploring the Catholic Church for Many Reasons.


We aren’t assuming anything about why you are here. We’re just glad you are.

The Coming Home Network is a worldwide network of Christian men and women, clergy and laity. Many of us are lifelong Catholics who want to help others discover the beauty, fullness, and truth of the Church. The rest of us, by the thousands, were either brought up in other Christian traditions, or were fallen-away Catholics, or had no faith in Christ at all. However, as a result of encountering and seeking a closer walk with Christ, through the study of Scripture, history, the writings of the early Christians, as well as the continuity of official teachings throughout the history of the Church, we came to believe that the Body of Christ, the Church, and the fullness of Christian truth were to be found in the Catholic Church.

We greet you as a brother or sister in Christ, whether you are just now learning about the Catholic Church or are actively thinking about becoming Catholic. Regardless, we are not here to push, pull, or prod you into the Church! We want only to stand beside you, to answer any questions you might have, to provide helpful resources, and to create opportunities for you to fellowship with others on the journey.

Connect With Us Now

Reasons to Connect With the Network

Personal Connections: A staff member will reach out to you, get to know your background and spiritual needs, and if you would like  help you connect with other members of the CHNetwork who have made a similar journey. Additionally, our staff and volunteers will attempt to help you find the resources and local connections you need to pursue Christ wherever He is leading you.

Online Community: An active discussion forum and community tools put the CHNetwork right at your fingertips. Hear our journeys and share your own, as you connect with a community of intentional Christians dedicated to following Christ.

The CHNewsletter: For over 20 years, this flagship publication has been our way of staying connected, supporting each other in prayer and study, and sharing our stories – the stories of what Christ has done in our lives – with the whole world.