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When Only One Converts

By: Lynn Nordhagen February 22, 2015 No Comments

What happens when the two most important relationships in your life seem to be on a collision course?

How can you be obedient to God when obedience threatens your marriage vows?

Can you love God if it means hurting the one you love most on earth?

Many couples have walked this pash. Fifteen of them share their stories in When Only One Converts. Author Lynn Nordhagen offers stories, not only to the Catholic (or soon-to-be Catholic), but also to the spouses who are not not becoming Catholic, praying that they may gain insight and hope, recognizing that this can be, for them also, a time of discovery and growth in the Christian life. A candid collection of conversion accounts from married couples in situations in which only one spouse wanted to become Catholic. The stories reveal the stresses this problem caused in their marriages and how they coped or even grew spiritually through the ensuing difficulties.

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