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Fr. Dwight Longenecker Reviews of Clement of Rome and the Didache

May 3, 2013 One Comment

“…The two documents which are most interesting and boast the earliest dates are the Epistle of Clement and the Didache. Former Presbyterian minister and Bible scholar Kenneth Howell offers us a new translation of these works along with an excellent commentary. The Epistle of Clement was written by the third Bishop of Rome to the church in Corinth toward the end of the first century–just sixty or so years after the death of Christ. Howell skillfully explains in a series of introductory essays the main themes and theology of Clement. The Church in Corinth (as it was in St Paul’s day some twenty or thirty years previously) was still wracked by immorality, division and strife.

Kenneth Howell picks through the text to also expound Clement’s theology and understanding of the church. Clement is best known by apologists as an early example of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome since he writes from Rome with an assumed authority over the Church in Corinth…”

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