CHNetwork Community Responds: What Scripture Passages Make More Sense to You Now That You’re Catholic?

October 28, 2016

Many of you are familiar with our Deep in Scripture podcast, where Marcus Grodi interviews various converts to Catholicism about passages from the Bible that they see differently now that they’re Catholic.  This week, we decided to invite all of our readers and members to engage in that exercise on our blog, since there’s no way we could fit you all into one podcast!  Here’s what we asked you: ... more

Joe Copeck – Former Lutheran Pastor

October 11, 2016

During his early childhood, Joe Copeck’s family were plugged into their Polish Catholic heritage, but over time, they drifted away from it.  After his time in the Navy, Joe entered seminary to become a Lutheran minister, but was bothered by questions of authority and unity in regard to Lutheranism.  Eventually, it was the reading of Scripture that brought him back to the Catholic Church- especially understanding how Scripture was interpreted and taught by the Church Fathers in the early days of Christianity.  A good episode for those who want ... more

Eight Things To Love About the Catholic Church Part 7: The Bible is Catholic

May 19, 2015

Try explaining to our Fundamentalist brethren about almost any tenet of the Catholic Faith and you’re likely to hear in response, “Chapter and verse, please.”  In other words, of course, they want to know exactly where that teaching is found in the Bible because they adhere to what is spelled out and therefore only such teachings are retained by them. However, not every belief in Catholicism is to be found word-for-word in Sacred Scripture. ... more

Matthew DiMartino: A Fundamentalist Baptist Who Became a Catholic

December 8, 2014

Matthew grew up in a Protestant family. His mother had been Baptist and his father had been Catholic. They brought Matthew up in a Charismatic Episcopal parish. In high school, he got involved in the rock music culture. In a few short years he didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. When he was 17 he got involved in selling drugs. He was arrested and spent time in jail. Soon after, 9-11 happened and Matthew realized that one day he would die. He turned his life over to God in ... more

Dr. Matthew Cabeen: An Evangelical Protestant Who Became Catholic

November 3, 2014

Matthew was brought up as an Evangelical Protestant. His parents had previously been active Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a child he was filled with a love and knowledge of the holy Scripture, as his parents hosted frequent Bible studies in their home. Matthew’s journey to the Catholic Church began when he was in college through the influence of his father. As Matthew’s father began to discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith through the books he was reading, he would share them and discuss them with ... more

Deacon Rick Bauer: Former Church of Christ Minister

September 15, 2014

Deacon Rick was brought up Catholic but by high school he had lost his faith. He believed in God but religion was the last thing on his mind. While in college, he began to read the Bible for the first time, while attending a Church of Christ fellowship.  After giving his life to Jesus Christ he dropped out of law school, joined their ministry training program and became a campus minister. He served as a Church of Christ minister for a number of years. While working on his masters degree ... more
Deep in Scripture

Why should we trust this collection of old books? – with Fr. Ray Ryland and Dr. Kenneth Howell

April 2, 2014

Today is another special re-air of a program broadcast on 1/11/2006. We are sharing this program in honor of Fr. Ryland who passed from this life on Thursday, March 20th, 2014. ... more
Mary Healy

Open-Line With Dr. Mary Healy, Life-long Catholic

July 13, 2009

Marcus & Dr. Healy answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more