Far too many Christians have little or no knowledge of the history of Christianity and this creates some huge problems.

Most don’t even know the history of their own denominations, let alone how it connects into the two thousand years that the Holy Spirit has been leading the Church “into all the truth” (Jon 16:13). Many Christians assume that the earliest days of Christianity consisted of a complete break from Old Testament Judaism; that this new faith in Jesus consisted of independent groups of believers following the teachings of independent apostles; that if we could somehow journey back, we would find gatherings not unlike many modern independent Evangelical churches.

Many modern Christians also assume that we know very little about the early church, or that the middle or “dark” ages were bereft of faithful Christianity—that authentic, faithful Christianity was not re-discovered until the Founder of their particular denomination. In fact, many modern Christians assume that we today are far more intelligent and advanced then all the people before us—that surely today, with all our modern technological advancements, especially in information technology, we must have a better understanding of the Bible than even the earlier Christians!

But is any of this true? Have you even heard of or read anything by the Apostolic Christian writers who were converted to Jesus Christ by His very apostles? What did the earliest Christians believe? How did they worship? And how well do you really know the history between then and now?

We have found this to be an absolutely question to explore if we hope to seek truth and unity together. In this section, we hope to provide articles and media to address this important issue of our faith.

Going Deeper

Jeffrey Morrow, Jewish Atheist turned Catholic Christian

February 29, 2016

The Journey Home

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Scripture and the Early Church – Fr. Mitch Pacwa

January 15, 2015

Deep in History

How Do We Know the Early Church?

December 4, 2014

Deep in History

History and the Necessity of Continuity

October 9, 2014

Deep in History

Becoming Deep in History

August 26, 2014

Deep in History

Breaking Through the Myths of History

July 10, 2014

Deep in History

Three Frameworks for Interpreting the Church Fathers

January 14, 2013


Early Church Fathers Roundtable (Part 2)

March 28, 2007

Deep in Scripture

Early Church Fathers Roundtable (Part 1)

March 21, 2007

Deep in Scripture

Personal Testimonies

Dustin Mantz

History Brought Me Home

June 26, 2012

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History Led Me Out, History Led Me In

March 5, 2012

David Anders

A Protestant Historian Discovers the Catholic Church

February 13, 2012


Delving Deep Into History

January 11, 2011


Rod Bennett: Former Baptist

September 12, 2002

Looking into Scripture

Has God Abandoned the Jews? Romans 11:1-12

February 11, 2015

Deep in Scripture

Deep in History

The Forerunners of the Reformation

March 1, 2016

Deep in History


Four Witnesses Brought Me Home

December 30, 2014

Deep in History

The Early Church Fathers I Never Saw

April 24, 2012


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