Fr. Kazimierz Kowalski: A Lutheran Minister Who Became A Catholic – The Journey Home Program

November 8, 2004 | no responses

Father Kaz was born in Queens, New York. His parents were immigrants, his mother a German Lutheran and his father a formerly Catholic from Poland. As a child he attended a Lutheran academy and from an early age felt called to ministry. This feeling of vocation continued through his teen years. He was eventually ordained […]

Fr. Richard Barker: A Former Presbyterian Who Became a Catholic Priest – The Journey Home Program

September 13, 2004 | no responses

Father Richard was born and raised in a Presbyterian family in Texas. As a boy he actively participated in Sunday school and youth group. However, like many teen, after high school he drifted away from faith. For 18 years he never attended church. He received the gift of faith while driving home on a Tuesday […]

Fr. Peter Sabbath: A Jewish Convert Who Became A Catholic Priest – The Journey Home Program

September 6, 2004 | no responses

Father Peter was raised in the large and tight-knit Jewish community of Montreal, Canada. As a young man Father Peter attend Woodstock, after dropping out of Boston University. He found his way to Berkeley and studied Zen Buddhism. A friend invited him to a Cistercian Abbey in Canada, where he was impressed by the chanting […]

Msgr. Stuart Swetland: A Lutheran Who Became a Catholic Priest – The Journey Home Program

June 14, 2004 | no responses

Msgr. Swetland was raised, in Pennsylvania, by devout Lutheran parents. At the age of five he had thoughts of becoming a minister. From his family and congregation he learned a spirit of service, an idea that eventually led him to apply to the US Naval Academy, where he studied Physics. For most of his Naval […]

Fr. Terry Kraychuk: A Catholic Who Returned from the World – The Journey Home Program

May 17, 2004 | no responses

Father Terry was born in Canada. Although he was canonically a Ukrainian Catholic he was mostly raised in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. At a young age he became obsessively interested in hockey, to the point that it became an idol. The death of his grandfather shook his faith. He began experimenting with […]

Fr. Jay Scott Newman: An Episcopalian Who Became a Catholic – The Journey Home Program

March 29, 2004 | no responses

Father Newman was raised in South Carolina by Christian parents but received little religious instruction. After attending a summer camp for gifted children, he was inspired by his teachers to become an atheist. As a teen he eagerly played the part of the Village Atheist. He chose to attend Princeton University to escape the “Christ-haunted […]

Fr. Steven Anderson: Charismatic Episcopal Priest Who Became a Catholic Priest – Journey Home Program

February 9, 2004 | no responses

Father Anderson was raised a Presbyterian and invited Jesus into his hear at the age of 14. As a young man he was always interested in seeking and following the truth. After attending Oral Roberts University, he first entered the Episcopal Church but later the Charismatic Episcopal Church, where he was ordained a priest of […]

Fr. Eric Nicolai: A Lutheran Who Became a Catholic Priest – The Journey Home Program

January 19, 2004 | no responses

Father Eric was born in Montreal to parents of German descent. His father had been Catholic but Father Eric was raised a nominal Lutheran. Through some Baptist schoolmates and later a Catholic friend he came to know Christ. While he was studying in Rome, he met St. John Paul II and later entered the Catholic […]

Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ: A Presbyterian Who Became a Catholic Cardinal – The Journey Home Program

January 12, 2004 | no responses

Cardinal Dulles was born in New York, the son of John Foster Dulles and served as Secretary of State under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Dulles family had a long-standing Presbyterian background. While studying history at Harvard, Cardinal Dulles studied his way into the Catholic Church. He entered the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in […]

Fr. Gray Bean & Gordon Sibley: A Baptist Minister & a Methodist Minister Who Became Catholic – The Journey Home Program

December 22, 2003 | no responses

Marcus is joined by Fr. Gray bean, a former Baptist minister and Gordon Sibley, a former United Methodist minister for this special Christmas episode of the Journey Home. They reflect back on how they celebrated the Christmas holidays as Protestant ministers and how they do so now as Catholics.

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