Mary Lyman Jackson: Former Episcopalian – The Journey Home Program

August 20, 1999 | no responses

Mary first experienced the love of God through her gift of music. As a young woman she married Fr. Logan, Jackson, a faithful traditional Anglo-Catholic priest. They heard the Lord to leave all behind and go to care for the poorest of the poor, along with their three young children. After Logan contracted Lou Gehrig’s […]

Kristen West McGuire: Former United Methodist Seminarian – The Journey Home Program

June 25, 1999 | no responses

Kristen came from a family of faithful Methodist Christians. In college, she drifted away from the faith but was active in social justice work. A friend’s suicide attempt began her return. After Jesus appeared to her in a dream, she returned to Christ and began to think of going to seminary. Her work with the […]

Suzette & Suzelle Gill: Reverts to the Catholic Faith – The Journey Home Program

April 23, 1999 | no responses

Susette & Suzelle are twin sisters who were born in a French Canadian family of 14 children. Susette, except for a short period of spiritual darkness has remained a faithful Catholic. Suzelle after she was married lost her faith and and spent 25 years angry and hating the Catholic Church. In 1987, Susette invited Suzelle […]

Kristine Franklin & Rosalind Moss: Former Evangelical & Jewish Convert – The Journey Home Program

February 5, 1999 | no responses

Marcus hosts an open-line episode with Kristine Franklin & Rosalind Moss. Kristine is a former Evangelical missionary to Latin America. Both she and her husband Marty returned to the United States to become Catholics. Rosalind is a convert from Judaism and Evangelicalism and now Mother Miriam foundress of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s […]

Christine Frances Collins: Revert from the Episcopal Church – The Journey Home Program

December 18, 1998 | no responses

Christine was brought up in the Catholic Church but got involved in Protestant fellowships in high school, where she developed a deep commitment to Christ. Having become Reformed in her theology, she attended Gordon College, in Boston. For a long time she didn’t ally herself to any one denomination. Eventually, she entered the Episcopal church. […]

Bruce & Barbara Brown: Former Presbyterians – The Journey Home Program

August 21, 1998 | no responses

When Bruce and Barbara were first married there were not Christian and within a year they were divorced. While they were separated then met Christ independently of each other. Their faith in God reunited them. They now wanted to do and go anywhere God wished. After many years of study they became active Presbyterians. Barbara […]

Dr. Jim & Sally Shelton: Former Charismatic Episcopal Minister & Wife – The Journey Home Program

July 10, 1998 | no responses

Jim was baptized and reared Pentecostal Holiness. He attended Oral Roberts University and then earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Stirling University, in Scotland. Sally was brought up in the Open Bible church but became Pentecostal after meeting Jim. Between 1978 – 1993 they bother were Methodists. In 1993, Jim was ordained a priest […]

Larry & Joetta Lewis: Former Methodist Minister & Wife – The Journey Home Program

April 17, 1998 | no responses

Larry & Joetta were active in ministry in the United Methodist church for many years. Larry met a Catholic priest while in graduate school in Oral Roberts University. Through the patience and witness of this priest and other faithful Catholic friends, Larry & Joetta were helped to overcome their prejudices and misunderstandings about the Catholic […]

Peter & Regina Cram: Former Episcopalians – The Journey Home Program

March 20, 1998 | no responses

Peter was brought up Presbyterian & Congregationalist. Regina, on the other hand, was reared in a Catholic family but left the Church at 14 when she was “saved”. After they were married they became active in the Episcopal church. When the issues of the lack of a living authority arose in their denomination, they began […]

Terrye Newkirk: Former Uniterian – The Journey Home Program

December 12, 1997 | no responses

Terry was reared in as a Disciples of Christ. As a young woman she was pulled into the counter culture movement of the 1960′s. She became involved in many New Age activities. Later she was a Unitarian. A Methodist friend invited her to attend a Catholic retreat with him. At that retreat she encountered the […]

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