Fr. Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P. : Former Buddhist – The Journey Home Program

June 16, 2000 | no responses

Father Ho Lung’s family came to Jamaica, from China, in the 1930s where they struggled to survive operating a small shop. He was taught by the Franciscan sisters. Their Franciscan spirituality seemed a natural extension of the Buddhism of the Ho Lung family. Buddhism teaches one to search for the truth and respect nature. Young […]

Michael Welker: Convert from Zen Buddhum via Protestantism – The Journey Home Program

November 7, 1997 | no responses

Reared in Rockville, Maryland, Michael went to California to work for five years after high school, where he found an interest in Christianity, converting from Zen Buddhism. After moving to Florida, he was drawn to the Catholic faith, particularly through two very influential people: a Catholic gentleman he met at work who mentored him that […]